Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Edison State Darke County Students a Force for the Community

One of nine Edison State communications teams gave a presentation to Arcanum Middle School fifth and sixth graders on the dangers of bullying and how to be good buddies.
Edison State Community College’s Darke County Campus is about higher education, but it’s also about community. Edison State students reached a milestone this semester, providing well over 1,000 hours of community service, reaching as many as 1,500 schoolchildren in four Darke County school districts.

“A hallmark of an Edison State education is practical, real-world experiences,” said Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson. “The Darke County Campus has expanded its notion of a classroom to include the entire community. These students have gained an understanding of the community along with an appreciation of their own skills in leadership and service.”

One of the volunteering opportunities had Edison State students going out into the community, to schools that are educating the next generation of Edison State students.

Sixty Edison Fundamentals of Communications students spent six weeks preparing to talk to students ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade about bullying and how to be a “buddy” instead of a “bully.” They made presentations to Ansonia, Arcanum, Mississinawa Valley, and Greenville’s Woodland Primary students. Dozens of hours were spent preparing and delivering their messages.

Students have been leaving their Darke County Campus to deliver presentations about bullying, drug abuse, manners, courtesy, and respect for the last four years. This year’s message by nine Edison State teams reached nearly 1,500 elementary and intermediate students, the largest number to date.

New to the Edison State Darke County Campus is the Empowering Darke County Youth After School Program. Forty-four students from a number of Edison State classes accumulated 1,000 hours helping over 60 students from Greenville’s East, South, and Woodland schools during the inaugural 13-week program.

The purpose of the After School Program is to help struggling students with homework and, in some cases, catching up with the basics they need to succeed in school.

“We are helping future Edison State students reach their goals,” said Chad Beanblossom, Dean of the Darke County Campus. “At the same time, we are working with other community organizations to make Darke County a better place for all of its residents.”

“Building a stronger community through education and community service… I can’t think of a better focus for Edison State’s Darke County Campus,” Beanblossom added.

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