Monday, February 20, 2017


Tammy Moyar, COTA and Shannon Condon, MA, CCSLP
Tammy Moyar, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at Versailles Health Care Center, recently earned her certification in Recovering Function for Adults with Hemiplegia Using the Principles of Neuro-Developmental Treatment. For the certification, Moyar completed training over the last three years and passed the Recovering Function’s examination. She then received a certificate from Recovering Function bearing RPSFCA in NDT (RPSF certified assistant in Neuro-Developmental Treatment).

Moyar completed Part I (Introduction to NDT: Achieving Functional Outcomes) and Part II (Getting Results Faster: Managing the Hemiplegic Upper Extremity from an NDT Perspective) in 2014 in Pittsburg, PA. She then completed Part III (Applying the RPSF: A Step-by-Step Framework for Assessing Potential and Individualizing Functional Outcomes Using the Principles of NDT) and Part IV (Applying the RPSF: Manual Cues for Accessing Missing Components of Movement with Intensive Focus on the Trunk Using the Principles of NDT) in 2014 in Chicago, IL. Part V (Applying the RPSF: Manual Cues for Accessing Missing Components of Movement with Intensive Focus on the Upper Extremity Using the Principles of NDT) training took place in 2015 in West Orange, NJ. Lastly, Moyar completed Part VI (Apply RPSF: Implementing Client Interventions Using the Principles of NDT) in August 2016 in San Jose, CA.

Moyar, who is now certified in providing specialized stroke therapy, commented “I’m excited to play an important role in providing optimum patient outcomes in Neuro-Developmental Treatment at Versailles Health Care Center. We now offer a greater foundation for the treatment of stroke with more effective strategies and outcomes.”

Moyar is also the facilitator of VHCC’s quarterly NeuroConnect meeting. NeuroConnect meets to connect survivors of stroke and brain injury, including neurological conditions, and their families with positive support and beneficial resources. The next NeuroConnect meeting is Tuesday, February 28 at 4 pm at Versailles Health Care Center.

Shannon Condon, Facility Rehab Director, shared “Tammy has followed her passion for helping people following stroke and brain injury to achieve this challenging and esteemed certification. I am so proud of the amazing skill that she offers her patients; we are fortunate to have her level of care and expertise in Versailles.”

If you are interested in learning more Neuro-Developmental Treatment offered at The Rehab Clinic at Versailles Health Care Center or to RSVP to February’s NeuroConnect, please contact Facility Rehab Director, Shannon Condon at 937-526-0130. The Rehab Clinic at VHCC offers inpatient and outpatient therapy to people of all ages. It employs 15 full-time local therapists and is open seven days a week. Specialty programs offered are Parkinson’s Therapy, Post Surgery Rehab, Orthopedic Rehab, Joint Replacement, Vestibular (Balance) Rehab, Cardiac Recovery, Pulmonary Rehab, Stroke Recovery, Wound Care, Manual Therapy, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, and much more.

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