Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Keep your “Eyes” open We’re Moving!

Professional Family Eyecare - Drs. Jillynn Bruner, James Dickman, Alicia Wellman Tobe and Tyler Speelman, are moving back to 5164 Children’s Home Bradford Rd on March 20th to better serve their patients. The exciting enhancements include an open floor plan, handicap accessible building, larger frame gallery, easier street entrance access, and efficient patient flow. All of these enhancements will allow the doctors to give the very best eyecare to their patients face to face as well as utilizing scribes to collect and record data.

Professional Family Eyecare had a “vision” of a total transformation of the traditional eye doctor’s office. They went from 2100 sq. ft. to 4120 sq. ft. which incorporates 6 exam lanes, 2 specialty testing rooms for the Optomap and OCT (optical coherence tomography) instruments, contact lens training room and a new eyewear dispensing, repair and fitting bar just to name a few expansions. They don’t have a “waiting room”, they have a “welcome center” where the patients enter the front door and immediately feel comfortable and invited.

It was important to Drs. Dickman and Bruner to use local builders/contractors with their project incorporating our local tradesmen to complete the renovation. They used local materials including salvaged barn wood, pipes and stone to showcase the rustic/industrial design.

Drs. Dickman, Kettler and Bruner have been independently owned for over 60 years and have additional offices in Coldwater and St. Marys. They branded their name Professional Family Eyecare in 2010. They are dedicated to their patients and their community, while providing high quality value with added product solutions that best meet their patient’s needs. They are proud of their high quality eyecare and want to raise awareness of the importance of getting your eyes examined. With the new office design and technology, Professional Family Eyecare provides more than just a vision exam, they utilize all necessary technology to see if there are any signs of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cancer, tumors and high blood pressure some of which can be first detected in the eyes. They have evening and Saturday office hours so you don’t have to miss work or school and can be reached at 937-548-7811.

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