Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rita McCans: Thank You to Our Greenville Community & Special Thanks To Doug Fries, GCS Superintendent

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Submitted by Rita McCans of Greenville
Our community’s new K-8 GCS building became a reality with many people working together for the common good of a new state of the art, learning environment for the Greenville School District’s children.

Many, many people played a big part in the success of the passage of the K-8 school bond levy. Doug Fries, the new Superintendent, was at the helm with his passionate leadership, and he continues to be the “engine that could” with the countless hours that he has put in from the beginning of his tenure as Superintendent and still continues to this day.

One of the many comments we heard from talking to, meeting with our community face to face and listening to their concerns was, “We never hear what is going on with our schools until they want money from us.” That main concern really resonated with us and we really understood how the community felt and why. We shared that objective concern with Doug and he “got it.” Doug has made an intentional commitment from that moment on, to stay connected with the school’s biggest partner…..its people, by consistently writing articles through the media to keep our community informed with the decisions that are being made with their money and why. Doug is also very visible in our community and engaged with everyone and always has an open-door policy. He is always positive and smiling and encourages everyone with concerns or compliments to call, visit or talk with him anytime.

Our thanks and applause goes to Doug Fries!

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