Thursday, March 2, 2017


L to R: Dr. Stephen Winner, Stephanie Goubeaux, Gina Boerger, and Diana Poeppelman.
The Rehab Clinic at Versailles Health Care Center offers direct access for physical therapy. The year 2014 marked the 10-year anniversary for Direct Access legislation in Ohio, but many people are still unaware of it. In 2004, Ohio became the 39th state in the nation to authorize physical therapists to evaluate and manage patients without a medical referral. Direct access to physical therapy provides convenience in accessing the healthcare system. Physical therapy offers the opportunity for early treatment following an accident or injury. This can reduce the need for subsequent health care visits, MRIs, prescriptions and the need for surgery—lowering overall healthcare costs. Insurance companies understand the value of the physical therapy. Most insurance policies cover physical therapy services without a medical referral when provided by a physical therapist. The physical therapy profession has advanced its education model to the doctorate level. All accredited physical therapy schools in the U.S. now offer a Masters or Doctorate degree in physical therapy, and all PTs must be licensed professionals.

Shannon Condon, Facility Rehab Director, shared “We are proud to offer the advanced physical therapy at Versailles Health Care Center. Contrary to popular belief, you can receive physical therapy through your private insurance without visiting your doctor first. It’s definitely something more people could take advantage of.”

The Rehab Clinic at Versailles Health Care Center has four physical therapists on staff, Dr. Stephen Winner, Gina Boerger, Stephanie Goubeaux, and Diana Poeppelman. The Rehab Clinic at VHCC offers outpatient and inpatient physical therapy to people of all ages and offers a flexible schedule. Specialty programs offered are Sports Medicine, Orthopedic-Joint Replacement Therapy, Vestibular (Balance) Rehab Therapy, Pulmonary Rehab, Parkinson’s Therapy Program, Cardiac Recovery, Stroke Recovery, Continence Improvement, Wound Care, and much more. If you are interested in learning more about the physical therapy services at The Rehab Clinic at Versailles Health Care Center, call 937-526-0130 or visit

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