Monday, March 6, 2017


Jordan D. Francis, MPH
Jordan D. Francis, MPH, Director of Wellness Services at Wayne HealthCare, spoke at a Love Your Heart Seminar on February 22, 2017, at Versailles Health Care Center in celebration of National Heart Health Month. He shared his presentation, “Wellness: The Best (Preventative) Treatment for Cardiovascular Diseases, A guide to living well to enhance heart health” with the audience. The presentation covered the behavioral risk factors for heart disease, recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, and how to incorporate heart-healthy behaviors into daily living. Francis then took questions from those in attendance during his presentation as well as following it.

Francis shared “One of the best ways to improve heart function is to get it pumping! Making your heart stronger and more efficient can be accomplished by making it pump harder than usual. This is done through exercise that elevates the heart rate for 10-30 minutes straight. The recommendation for physical activity is 30 minutes per day, but three 10 minute sessions throughout the day are just as effective in enhancing overall health.”

He added “The best type of exercise for heart health is aerobic exercise, or more simply, sustained movement for that 10-30 minute window. It can be walking, swimming, biking, jogging, aerobics class… anything that elevates the heart rate at a sustainable level.”

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