Monday, April 17, 2017


GREENVILLE - The Darke County Friends of the Shelter would like to thank the Lydia Schauer Foundation for its wonderful donation. Most of the walls inside the Darke County Animal Shelter are cinder block and needed to be painted, so the Director of the Shelter has asked the organization to brighten up the inside of the Shelter with a special paint scheme to create a nice and friendly atmosphere for the people who are coming to the Shelter to find a four-legged companion or family member. The Director of the Shelter envisioned a rainbow of colors with some pleasing animal scenes. The group is always working to keep the Animal Shelter and Dog Park looking nice as well as updated and wants the community to have a positive experience at the Animal Shelter when they come to look at the dogs and cats that are available for adoption. Lydia Schauer’s donation made all of this possible!!!!

The adoption room now has a ceiling. It is a small room inside the shelter that is surrounded by cinder block walls and a door. It is close to the dog kennels and very noisy in the small room. To improve the noise level, the ceiling was lowered and small roof was placed on top of it. This had actually been suggested by people that were looking to adopt their four-legged companion. The group also had one of the walls decorated with dogs and cats and a pleasing mountain scene. The rest of the money is put towards the upkeep of “Scentral Park”. The Dog Park requires a lot of daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Most of it is done by the volunteers.

The Darke County Friends of the Shelter cannot thank the Lydia Schauer Foundation enough for all they do for the Darke County Friends of the Shelter.

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