Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Greenville, OH – The Veterans Memorial Park and Digital Library in cooperation with Greenville High School Interactive Media TV (IMTV) will host an interview with Congressman Warren Davidson, who served as an enlisted member and commissioned officer in the US Army. “Never Stop Serving” invites prominent veterans and their families who continue to serve their country and community after honorable discharge. The program’s production gives the students realistic and relevant material to work on, and provides outreach content to attract other veterans to contribute their history to the library. Representative Davidson was also drafted to help present end of school year awards to students and volunteers of the digital library mission.

The former US Army RANGER turned legislator’s interview will round out a stellar guest list to appear on the veterans show this year:

  • Col (Ret) Cassie Barlow, USAF/Sue Knoll co-authors Saluting Our Grandmothers
  • LtCol (Ret) Richard Martin, USAF, Greenville HS Alum
  • Ed Damron, US Army, Vietnam, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart recipient
  • James E. Groves, Recruiter, Gold Star family, Honor Squad, Dayton National Cemetery
  • CSM (Ret) Michael White, US Army

Veterans Memorial Park and Digital Library keeps history alive by recording and storing the oral histories, pictures, and memorabilia of veterans. This mission chronicles the sacrifices of yesterday before they become forever lost to tomorrow. Veteran’s eyewitness accounts help us preserve these valuable pieces of history. Oral history interviews are conducted and students at the Greenville High School digitize the photographs, videos, narratives and memorabilia.

These recollections are an important piece of history, and it is meaningful that it is the Greenville High School students that are preserving it. In the past year, we made significant gains through a partnership with Interactive Media TV at Greenville High School. This partnership is a windfall for both the Memorial Library and the Greenville students. We get access to a studio and equipment for our mission and the high school students get practical exercise on producing relevant material. The goal is to get other schools across the country involved in helping chronicle the historical accounts. They have been developing partnerships with local media, other schools, OHIOLinks, and the Library of Congress to further expand our link with other veterans’ libraries.

For every individual veteran collection that is digitized and stored, we create actual primary history sources for generations to come. We believe that the best way to honor veterans is to maintain an accurate record of their experiences for as many of them as possible.

The five year plan is to build a first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art digital memorial. It will be an interactive display where visitors can give the memorial voice commands. Our digital memorial will represent what can be found online, and it will be different from all other memorials; in that, our digital memorial will be veterans-centered.

For more on our plans and our park’s history, please visit us on Facebook and YouTube at Veterans Memorial Park and Digital Library, gvmpdl@gmail.com, or call 937- 542-0966.

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