Monday, June 19, 2017

Canine Good Citizen Testing

Greenville Area Dog Club will be offering Canine Good Citizen testing June 21, 2017 at our training building on Rt. 49 south.

Becky Baker is the evaluator and she will be taking appointment times for that date. Her Phone number is 937-337-0292. We request that you call for more information and to set a time with her to be tested.

Passing of this test is the first step towards having your dog obtain a pet therapy certificate.

The CGC also is a certified title you can earn from The American Kennel Club.

Dogs being tested need to be able to do the basic commands in obedience which are: heal, sit, down, stand, stay, come on recall and being separated from owner for a few minutes and stay calm in a sit or a down during that time. The dog will be tested so see if the dog is noise sensitive to sudden loud sounds. It also will be subjected to meeting and passing several other dogs that are dog friendly. The dog will be tested to see how it responds to something with wheels as a wheel chair would have. Another test will be crutches dropping and also books or clip board dropping on floor. The evaluator will test on how the dog reacts to these things. The dog cannot accept food or treats from anyone during the test including the trainer.

This info covers a good deal of what is expected from you and your dog to be able to pass.

Hope to see you at the testing on June 21.

Submitted by Barbara Rhoades, Director of Training

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