Tuesday, June 6, 2017


May has certainly been a mixed bag of weather and happenings! One day it is 40, followed by 70 the next day, then dumped on by rain, followed by a day of sunshine, then more rain. I think May is schizophrenic! We are hoping May will finally get its act together so we can have some resemblance of a Spring!

May has been very busy here in the Commissioner’s office. The Commissioners have had several proclamations, Student Day, a new hiring, new businesses, CDBG hearings and even ditch reviews! One of the days we enjoy the most is Student Day. On May 3rd, 24 students from all the schools in the County got the chance to tour the Counties facilities, ask questions of the elected officials, and after a pizza and soda lunch, got to sit in on one of our public sessions. This gives those who participated a chance to see how local government works and to see the facilities we maintain. The highlight of the tours is always the Sheriff’s Department and the Animal Shelter. This year, the group with Commissioner Stegall was fortunate enough to sit in on a video conference with a prisoner in Lebanon. That was interesting! Thanks to all of the elected officials for making the students welcome, and for sharing information on your difficult jobs.

May the 12th saw the Commissioners handing out ribbons to the Special Olympics competitors at the football field in Greenville. This is a fun event for everyone, including us, and we are always happy to participate. For once, the weather was co-operative!

On May 15th, Seth Timmerman became the new airport manager. Seth is from Union City, and just graduated from Indiana State University on May 13th! Seth has a degree in Airport Management and Unmanned Aircraft, and has already brought some new ideas and thinking to the Airport. If you get the chance, stop by and Say Hello to Seth, and welcome him to Darke County!

The new ODOT garage is opening on June 8th, and the County will then take over the old State garage on Rte. 36. This deal was agreed upon over a year ago, and the county will receive the buildings and land through a Directors deed, with no cost to the County as long as the facility is used for any Government use. The new garage for the County will house some equipment from the E.M.A., the Sheriff’s Department, the County Engineer, and the County vehicle maintenance facility. Thanks to ODOT for their generosity!

Harbor Freight is moving along nicely, and they opened on May 30th. This will be a welcome addition to Darke County and to the Plaza on Wagner Avenue. Be sure to stop in and welcome this new business to Darke County.

On the new openings front, Erwin Brothers is planning to open by the first week or so of June. This facility will bring new life to the southern end of Greenville and hopefully bring other businesses to the south of Greenville. Welcome and much success to both businesses. The Commissioners do have the possibility of another announcement of a new business for the plaza on Wagner Ave., hopefully in early June too. We have been busy!

Arcanum Old Fashioned Days was a great time on May 20th. The Commissioners and some elected officials participated in the parade on Saturday. This marks the beginning of parade season for us, and this gives us a chance to meet people.

On May 21st, the Friends of Harmon Field held their groundbreaking for the new Track facility in Greenville. The upgrades to the athletic facilities are long overdue, and this group has started on the right path. Congratulations to those involved! This is just the first step in renovations to the football field and a new locker room, coaches offices, and concession stand facility. Friends of Harmon Field has a facebook page, so look it up, and contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Midmark Corporation in Versailles has announced they will invest a substantial amount of money in building a new Technology Center in Versailles that will hire approximately 97 people over the next few years. Midmark continues to grow and prosper, and at the same time remain a good neighbor and corporate partner. Congratulations to the fine people who work there and we wish them continued success!

Another successful Electronics Recycling Day was held on the 25th, and thanks to the 2 woman Solid Waste Department, Manager Krista Fourman, and Administrative Assistant Melissa Werling, for all their hard work in making all the programs a success.

The end of the month saw Memorial Day, and all the ceremonies and parades that took place in the County. Thanks to all who took the time to honor the fallen who have given their all to protect and keep us safe.

Good things are happening here, so why not stay in touch by making one of our public meetings. We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 in the Commissioner’s Office, 520 S. Broadway in Greenville, next to the Court House. Hope to see you there!

The Darke County Commissioners

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