Monday, June 12, 2017

DCCA Thanks Darke County For A Successful Season!

Connections enrich lives, expanding our reach, inspiring our aspirations, grounding our dreams while extending our possibilities. For Darke County Center for the Arts to succeed in its mission to present and promote performing and fine arts, connections with the community it serves are essential.

As a non-profit arts presenter, DCCA’s very existence is dependent upon support from its home community. And our community continues to meet that challenge with fervor and aplomb, a reality for which DCCA is exceedingly grateful.

As DCCA approaches 40 years of presenting high quality arts programming, some loyal patrons approach forty years of attendance at those presentations. At the same time, new audiences are constantly connecting to the wonders that await at a DCCA show. Without this support, DCCA would have joined numerous other such groups who have ceased to exist in communities large and small throughout the country.

The dedicated support of DCCA members and sponsors continues to make possible the 50 or so arts experiences offered annually by the organization. Memberships provide the funds which keep DCCA afloat, sponsorships help pay artists’ fees that make it possible for gifted people to make a living by doing what they were born to do. Member and sponsor donations directly connect to the quality of programming DCCA can offer.

The existence of Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall provides another reason that DCCA has managed to survive all these years. Other communities envy the majestic space with its impeccable acoustics that can elevate performance levels and heighten transcendent experiences. DCCA greatly appreciates the dedication shown to the maintenance of Memorial Hall by its owner, Greenville City Schools, as well as the cooperative spirit that allows expansive use of the space for arts offerings.

In addition to magnificent St. Clair Memorial Hall, DCCA offers presentations in other venues made possible by connecting with local organizations and businesses. The Coffeehouse Series takes place in Union City’s Arts Depot, Arcanum Historical Society’s Wayne Trail House, Montage Cafe, and the Bistro Off Broadway; DCCA FUNdraisers occur at Turtle Creek and Montage. Versailles Performing Arts Center has often welcomed DCCA performances, sometimes on short notice due to missed connections or unexpected catastrophes elsewhere.

Greenville City Schools’ and Darke County Schools’ support and cooperation contribute to DCCA’s ability to present Arts In Education programming to students in each grade of all local public schools. Experience with the arts has been shown to improve academic performance and help students gain lifeskills; DCCA’s AIE presentations can connect youngsters to other cultures and eras, spark imaginations and inspire creativity.

Main Street Greenville and Darke County Visitors Bureau help connect DCCA and its programming to a wider audience through their regional and state-wide communication and marketing efforts. Local foundations and trusts have been linked with DCCA’s success since its very beginning, providing funds necessary to underwrite a stable business model that can attract other donors and additional grants, as well as well-known performing artists. And of course, Greenville Public Library generously donates the office space from which the planning and execution for DCCA’s many activities emanate; DCCA deeply appreciates being part of the Library’s extended family.

Everything that DCCA does is overseen by a volunteer board of directors who devote much time and energy to assure that the organization not only provides outstanding productions but also serves the community well. These stalwart citizens set policies enacted by a minuscule staff who are dedicated to providing cultural enrichment that is engaging, entertaining, and diverse.

DCCA is grateful to be so well-connected, and thankful to all those who make possible the many benefits accrued through connecting with the arts.

Darke County Center for the Arts presents and promotes performing and fine arts encouraging cultural enrichment. For more information contact the DCCA office at (937) 547-0908.

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