Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Members of Public Employee Retirees, Inc. (PERI) and Ohio Public Employee Retirees, (OPERS), who are eligible to become members, will not only enjoy a picnic lunch at the VFW on Monday, August 7, 11:30 a.m., on Ohio St., Greenville, but will have the opportunity to learn and evaluate new membership insurance benefits that are now available to them as Alan Kearns, Regional Vice President of AMBA, takes the floor. Nonmember Reservations must be in to Vivian Nieport, PERI Attendance and Contact Chairman, by calling (937) 548-3961 on or before Wednesday, August 2. Members will be contacted by PERI's calling committee.

AMBA, which stands for Association Member Benefits Advisors, entered into an agreement with the State organization of PERI earlier this year. As a result, members of all eleven PERI districts throughout the state of Ohio are eligible to participate. Each of the eleven districts includes eight chapters. Darke County is a member of District 3. Other Chapters in the District are Champaign, Clark, Greene, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble Counties. Each chapter meets separately, holds its own meetings, and plans its own programs.

Kearns, pronounced Karns, has been with AMBA for nine years. Originally from Indiana, he moved to Ohio five years ago and oversees both Ohio's and West Virginia's programs. According to information published by the State office of PERI, twenty AMBA benefits are currently being offered to PERI members, only, and ten additional benefit programs are being planned.

All attendees at PERI's meeting, members or not, are welcome to ask questions. Some questions that have already come up are "How to apply for AMBA's benefits?" "What if any are the added costs?" and "How will they be coordinated with existing insurance reimbursements and Medicare Supplemental plans to avoid duplications that could cause some insurance claims to be denied?" Kearns is making himself available to answer these questions and many more.

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