Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Father Edward Payne of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Greenville Invited to Audition for Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City

Editor's Note: Jan Dunwoody, Parish Secretary at St. Paul's Episocpal Church in Greenville, shared the below note she sent out about some amazing news regarding Father Edward Payne. This is fun and exciting and I'm sure you'll be pulling for him as much as I will.

Hello Friends,

I wanted you to know about a telephone call I received last week. Some of you have met one of the Supply Priests we have used here at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Greenville ......Father Edward Payne.

Father Ed has had a very interesting career, even before becoming a priest. One of those careers was singing for the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City. It has been over 27 years since he's sung for the Metropolitan Opera. One of the many roles he had was in the production of “Porgy & Bess”. The Metropolitan Opera is bringing this production back to New York, in the year 2019, and he was asked to audition.

Father Ed was contacted last week and given his audition date of Tuesday, September 19. It is an honor to be asked to audition for the Metropolitan Opera, especially since he hasn't sung for them in 27 years. It's quite a compliment to Father Ed that they want to hear him sing again. When Father Ed asked how many arias he should prepare, he was told that if he only wanted to audition for “Porgy & Bess”, he wouldn't need as many pieces; however if he might be interested in other productions, he would need several other pieces to showcase his singing (i.e., an aria in Italian, or German, etc.).

According to Father Ed, maybe nothing will come from this audition, but he feels fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity.

We wish Father Ed well and wait to see if God is opening up another door for him.

On Sunday, September 17th, Father Ed will be our Celebrant and Preacher at St. Paul’s. If your schedules permits, please feel free to join us at our 10:30 a.m. Worship Service here at St. Paul’s, 201 S. Broadway, Greenville, Ohio, to wish him a safe trip to New York on Monday, in preparation for his audition on Tuesday.

Jan Dunwoody
Parish Secretary
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
201 S. Broadway
Greenville, Ohio

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