Thursday, August 17, 2017


(Clockwise from left) Christena Sharp, Monty Sharp, Sheri Arbuckle and Barbara Bell were among those in attendance at Saturday night’s Hip Sips festival at Wilson Wines. State of the Heart Care was a proud sponsor of the festival benefiting Cancer Services for Randolph County, Inc.
Modoc, IN—On Saturday, August 12, State of the Heart Care presented Hip Sips, a festival benefiting Cancer Services for Randolph County, Inc. The festival, held at Wilson Wines, featured music by Green de Villes, Garcia and Scott, and The Indigos, and also gave guests a taste of art, auction, and different wines and food from the winery. All proceeds from the event went to Cancer Services for Randolph County.

“Hip Sips was a lot of fun and had a genuinely laid back atmosphere to it. I was amazed by how many people of all ages came out on Saturday,” attendee Christena Sharp said. “It was a great opportunity to explore the wine that Wilson Wines had to offer.”

Hip Sips gave State of the Heart an opportunity to give a speech onstage during the event. Angela Sipe, Executive Director of the hospice, spoke about a family who was recently touched by the care State of the Heart’s inpatient unit was able to give them. “We shared a personal story of a family who utilized our services. The crowd appeared to have quite the emotional response, and it was great to see that we were able to show the importance of hospice in our area,” Sipe said.

State of the Heart Care is proud to have been able to sponsor Hip Sips this year. “Hip Sips is a great collaboration between Cancer Services for Randolph County and State of the Heart,” Director of Business Development at State of the Heart said. “It was great to see so many people out supporting the cause.”

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