Monday, October 9, 2017

Ansonia FFA Participates in Forestry Competition

The Ansonia FFA participated in the Forestry competition on Saturday, September 30th in Hocking University. Amber Bergman led the Ansonia team with an overall placing of 69th place, followed by Katie Werts, Josh Heitkamp, and Mark Mayo.

At the competition, the students were asked to identify over 25 different types of trees, identify over 20 types of diseases in trees, identify 10 chainsaw parts and 10 troubleshooting problems, and identify 20 different pieces of forestry equipment. They had to do a timber Stand Improvement (TSI) which is properly thinning a forest to increase the health of the remaining trees, and timber cruised 10 different trees. This was to find out how much lumber would come from the trees and its value. Ansonia was the only team in district 5 to participate in this contest.

Amber Bergman, Josh Heitkemp, Katie Werts, and Mark Mayo pose in front of an oak tree before starting the competition.

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