Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Family Health Will Upgrade its Electronic Medical Record

GREENVILLE, January 2018 – Family Health Services will be upgrading their electronic medical record (EMR) software in January 2018. The change in vendors will bring many benefits to their patients including increased security, improved continuity of care, and more access to providers and medical documents. During the transition, some patients may temporarily experience increased wait times or appointment delays.

Brian Subler, IT Director at Family Health, says, “Changing our EMR to eClinicalWorks is very important to our patients and to us for a couple of reasons: It not only puts all of our patients into one database, but ensures continuity of care through all of our specialties: Dental, Medical, Eyecare, Lab, Radiology and Behavioral Health & Wellness...” Until now, each department had their own individual EMR adding layers of complexity to patient care. He adds, “…with all of the concern about security breaches, the cloud-based EMR uses multifaceted security measures to protect our patient data.” Patients will have better care, and increased security. “It’s a win-win.”

In addition, patients will have more access to their provider, staff, and health information. Eventually, they will be able to view their charts, lab results, and medical documents any time from a computer or smartphone. All services will now be on one system so patients will be able to make payments, view statements, receive notifications, and manage the whole family with one login. They will be able to send messages to staff through the patient portal online or from their smartphone. Multiple layers of authentication will add security.

The staff at Family Health will be receiving intensive training throughout December and January in preparation for the change, and then will have trainers on hand as they use the system in real time with patients in January and February. Providers have adjusted their schedules so they can continue to give high quality healthcare.

Jean Young, Executive Director, understands a change of this size can be difficult for patients and staff alike. She continually ensures everyone that, “we will do everything we can to make it a smooth transition.” Jean estimates it will be the end of February before the schedule returns to a normal pace and recognizes the potential impact on patients, “…some patients may experience increased wait times or appointment delays, so, we are asking for extra patience as we make this change together. It will be worth the effort.”

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