Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Letter to the Editor: "Support the MVCTC Levy Issue" by Jim Buchy

To the Editor,

The Miami Valley Career Technology Center services 27 local school districts across a nine county area. For almost 50 years thousands of students have been educated there and are successful, productive workers in the Miami Valley and beyond.

There is a great need for physical updates and infrastructure need for the buildings. On November 7, the voters of the Miami Valley Career Technology Center will be making a decision to support a modest Bond/Levy Issue of 1.43 mills to provide the money to make the physical improvements. What is special about the bond/levy is that the State of Ohio is providing 47% of the funding for the total project. In addition, ten years after implementation the millage will drop by almost 24% to 1.09 mills.

Many of the participating schools have Vocational Agriculture and FFA. Since agriculture is the number one industry in Ohio and one out of 7 jobs are agricultural related, many students are receiving valuable agriculture education from the Miami Valley Career Technology Center. It is imperative that agriculture education continues to grow so that our area will have qualified people producing quality and abundant food and work in agricultural related businesses and jobs.

For these reasons, please continue to support the Miami Valley Career Technology Center by voting for the Bond/Levy on the November 7th ballot.

Thank you for your favorable consideration of this important matter.

Jim Buchy

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