Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Versailles Museum Looking for Christmas Assistance

Did your special Christmas Gift come from Martin’s Department Store’s “Toy Land”? What wonderful memories we have from the late forties to the late seventies of the special toys bought here. It was the place to shop for our Christmas toys.

We want to recreate a room full of dolls, games, books, Roy Rogers to puppets all the toys that were popular and might have come from Toy Land.

If you are willing to share, please call the Museum at 526-4222 or drop them off over the next two Sundays as we are getting ready to make our change over for the holiday.

Also looking for large items promoting the Versailles Area Tobacco industry for display items and also some fresh grown tobacco harvested plants as well as tools used.

Any magazines or newspaper from the early 1930’s along with family photos and Christmas cards would greatly enhance our displays! Remember it is only a loan and will be available in January for pick-up.

Please help us create a realistic picture of a 1930’s Depression period Christmas.

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