Friday, October 6, 2017

Women’s Giving Circle Grants Funding to State of the Heart Care Programs

On Thursday evening, The Women’s Giving Circle gathered at State of the Heart’s Community Room in Greenville to enjoy an evening of grant presentations. Every year, The Women’s Giving Circle allows employees at State of the Heart to submit a grant application highlighting various needs in their respective departments. This year, five employees submitted six grant applications, and the Women’s Giving Circle graciously invested into each employee’s needs. Each application asked for a specific amount of money to be allotted to different programs at State of the Heart. Requests ranged by department; among the requests were a vein finder, televisions for the Care Center rooms, software, monies to advance pet therapy and veteran pinning projects, replacement straps for nurse bags, and a contribution toward the purchase of an emergency backup generator for the agency offices.

“We are so appreciative of the Women’s Giving Circle,” Business Development Specialist Erica Wentworth said. “Every year they are enthusiastic about our requests and always put the best interest of State of the Heart first.”

The Women’s Giving Circle was established in 2013. Many of the members are former employees of State of the Heart. The group has set up a fund for State of the Heart; each year, every member is responsible for paying her dues, which go directly to the fund. This year the group had $10,500 to contribute. After each applicant presents their needs, the group has a discussion and decides whether the need is urgent. The group also decides how much of the fund they are willing to give toward each need.

“These women genuinely care about our agency. It’s wonderful to see how eager they are to help us out,” Sara Joseph said. Joseph is responsible for producing a documentary on State of the Heart and needed two specific video editing programs. The total amount for the software was around $480, but the cost to have a video produced by a production company would have cost $9,000. “I’m so grateful to be able to obtain this software. As a nonprofit, it can be quite difficult to procure funds for non-patient needs, since our patients are our number one priority. Women’s Giving Circle is a godsend for our agency,” continued Joseph.

For more information on the Women’s Giving Circle, including applications to become a member, please contact Erica Wentworth at 937-548-2999.

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