Thursday, November 9, 2017


If you’re hoping 102-year-old Louise Partin of Greenville will give up her secret to staying vibrant and beautiful at her age, good luck. “I’ll never tell,” Partin says with a sly grin. Celebrating her 102nd birthday on November 4, Partin still has a lot of fire in her and keeps herself busy. When she isn’t being visited by her family, she finds time to read books, the Bible being her favorite. Partin is well known among her family and friends for loving sweets. “When I was a child, my parents would go to the grocery store and return with a bag of candy,” Partin said. “They said the candy was for my friends when they came over, but my friends never made it in time before I ate it all!”

Partin was born and raised in Bell County, Kentucky in the beginning of the Wilson Administration, the third of eight children. She says growing up with her big family and her parents was a lot of fun. Partin recalls the first time her husband brought home a television. “My father always used to tell me the day a television came through the front door was the day he’d leave out the back door and never come back. I just looked at him and said, ‘Well, Dad, ya better start runnin’!’” Partin’s father did not, in fact, leave out the back door like he threatened; he stayed and watched boxing and was quite tickled over the whole debacle.

Partin moved to Darke County with her husband and raised her nine children in Rossburg, and worked up until her retirement from FRAM. She walked everywhere she went, especially to church, which was a mile from her house. She has maintained her beauty and sense of style over the years, having more shoes than she can count and always looking well put-together. As a parent, Partin’s daughter Sandy remembers her mother as being “very strict.”

“She and my father worked a lot,” Sandy explained. “When they came home at night, they expected the house to be clean and dinner to be on the table.” When asked why she thinks her mother has lived past 100 years old, Sandy didn’t hesitate: “God knows we all need her. She’s an inspiration to her grandkids and great-grandkids; they see that she stays active all year long.”

Louise Partin has been looking forward to her 102nd birthday ever since her hospice nurse, Allison Hummel, started caring for her. “She’s really something else,” Hummel said. “She’s been looking forward to her birthday all year.”

Partin loves birthday cards. If you are interested in sending her a birthday card, mail it to State of the Heart Care c/o Louise Partin, 1350 N Broadway St, Greenville, OH 45331.

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