Monday, December 11, 2017


November has come and gone for 2017. This was a very good November weather wise, for most of the month it felt like early October. Now that Thanksgiving is over, the next 30 days starts the big Holiday season for retailers, manufacturers, and for most people. We hope the weather continues to co-operate!

November is the month when we start our appropriation process with our departments. Our department heads always do a good job of holding the line on spending, and this is why Darke County has continued to grow and prosper. Our Health and Wellness group in conjunction with our insurer CEBCO (County Employee Benefit Consortium) has done an excellent job in getting our people to lead healthier lives, and that has translated into minimal health insurance costs for the County.

CORSA, (County Risk Sharing Authority) our property insurer, does regular checkups on our buildings, and risk assessments for the County. This co-operation with them and the training and awareness of certain hazards and maintenance needs they see has also led to very good insurance rates for Darke County. We will continue to do all we can to make sure that we do what is necessary to keep our rates as low as possible. The county has seen growth again this year, and in talking to our Economic Development Director, Mike Bowers, it seems things are still moving quite well. All of our companies are doing an excellent job in cost containment and growth, so when you see one of their employees or managers, congratulate them for their continued growth, and a job well done.

This year we have accomplished quite a bit, but as always, there is still more to do. With buildings to maintain, technology upgrades, and equipment purchases, and mandates from the State, we will continue to keep an eye on spending. This year came the news of the MCO tax going away for the State, and that translated into all 88 counties losing substantial amounts of money. That money will need replaced. The MCO tax is still in some discussion at the State level, so we will see what happens. The Sheriff will get three new cruisers again next year, a program that has been going on now for 4 years. We need to continue with this as Darke County is a large county and our Sheriff’s vehicles put on many miles. The Darke County Airport has seen great growth in usage this year, especially in fuel sales, and with some very nice comments on, it is good to see it getting greater exposure. Next spring will bring the improvements to grow the airport even further.
To see some great pictures and information, go to the Darke County Airport Facebook page.

December and Christmas are upon us. This has been a year to be thankful for here in the County. While you are Christmas shopping in Greenville, or just out shopping in your town, come on over, stop in and see what is going on by sitting in on one of our public sessions. We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Commissioner’s office at 520 S. Broadway, in downtown Greenville just south of the Courthouse. We hope you had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Darke County Commissioners

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