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Edison State nursing students honored with pinning ceremony

Nursing Class Representative Dalton Peak, of Troy,
addresses an audience of supporters and provides words of
encouragement to his classmates following the
December Pinning Ceremony.
Edison State Community College honored its most recent nursing graduates on Thursday, December 14, with a pinning ceremony held in a gymnasium filled with family and friends at the Piqua campus.

The pinning ceremony is a time-honored tradition in which the graduate nurse is presented to family and friends as a professional who is about to practice nursing, and the graduate is usually “pinned” by the faculty members who have worked with the students throughout their course of study. Each school has a unique pin, which serves as a symbol of the successful completion of a rigorous curriculum, which prepares its graduates to administer to the sick and injured and promote health through the practice of nursing.

Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson provided opening remarks praising the work of the nursing students and those who have supported them along the way.

“These nursing students are unique residents who have responded to a unique calling in life. That calling has sustained them through the challenges of our nursing school, and I hope that it will sustain them as they begin the practice of nursing. Edison State is proud to have you as our graduates, and we know that you will reflect well on our nursing program and our College.”

Class Representative Dalton Peak, of Piqua, provided words of encouragement to his classmates.

“The question I get all the time is, Why do I want to be a nurse? I’ve never been able to answer that question, to be honest, this is the first time I have been able to answer it. But I found the right answer. I do it for love, we all do this for love.”

“I asked some of my classmates why they went into nursing and they responded with stories affecting the people they love. For example, some of us have had children pass away at young ages, and that special nurse was there to help them through one of the hardest times in their life and have now changed their lives completely.”

“Another story I heard was giving birth and being cared for by the loving and nurturing nurses who inspired them to change their career from a pre-school teacher to now becoming a nurse.”

Peak went on to tell a personal story that affected his life and influenced him to become a nurse.

“My stepmother passed away in 2013 from Type II Diabetes. In 2008, my cousins were diagnosed with a fatal genetic condition similar to what you would consider Alzheimer’s. Both of these stories have influenced my decision to become a nurse.”

“When everyone else checks out, the nurses are the only ones who hold their ground and fights for the patients care. It’s the selfless love. I believe that one nurse from our past has made such an impact on our lives that we now are moving on to helping others the way they have helped us.”

Each of the thirty-two graduates had the opportunity to submit a word of thanks to those who have supported their education, which was read as they received their pin from an Edison State nursing faculty member. Many used the opportunity to share individual stories of sacrifice and triumph over adversity, the bonds that were formed between classmates and the sincere appreciation held for the Edison State nursing faculty.

Graduates of the program will move on to the next phase of their career, which involves taking the registered nurse licensing exam and seeking employment.

Edison State Community College’s nursing program has maintained full accreditation and approval throughout its history. In 2013, Edison State’s Associate of Nursing Degree program was granted a full five-year approval by the Ohio Board of Nursing. In 2011, the program earned an eight-year accreditation from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, the highest level a program can receive.

Applications for Edison State’s Registered Nursing program are currently being accepted for Fall 2018 semester. For more information about the program, visit

December 2017 Nursing Graduates:

Anna: Shane Rickert
Ansonia: Amanda Jones
Arcanum: Stacey Corder
Dayton: Ashleigh Rindler
Englewood: Kristi Knapke, Karinne Riesenberg
Greenville: Jacob Metzcar, Amanda Shiflet
Huntsville: Elizabeth Carney
Maria Stein: Cadence Jacobs
Minster: Angela Prenger
Piqua: Ricquael Jackson, Samantha Marion, Dalton Peak, Logan Peepels, Gretchen Rolf, Stephanie Walker
Russia: Casey Albers
Sidney: Emily Ivey, Sasha Jones, Keya Lee, Kaila Pleiman, Keara Strayer
Tipp City: Jodi Fine
Troy: Kelly Curtis, Katherine Durham, Brittany Reed, Abigail Robinson, Sarah Tucker
Vandalia: Erin Adkins
Verona: Megan Wissinger
Wapakoneta: Mindy Freistuhler

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