Friday, February 2, 2018

Foreign Language Enrichment Club at GHS

Mrs. Lori Keller and Ms. Stephanie Mikesell, Greenville High School teachers, have a combined forty-five years of experience teaching foreign language. In the past, both teachers have put their foreign language skills to practical use by traveling abroad.

Currently, these GHS instructors and a group of Greenville High School students studying French and Spanish are sharing their knowledge regarding foreign language each Wednesday afternoon with fifteen third and fourth grade students at Greenville Elementary School. The purpose of the Foreign Language Enrichment Club is to spark interest in French or Spanish by exposing the language to students in a casual, fun atmosphere. The students are learning Spanish and French through songs, stories, games, and crafts.

During the eleven-week program, students will study a specified category each week. The first five weeks of instruction have been dedicated to French with Spanish instruction following the remaining five weeks. On the eleventh week, there will be a celebration. The first lesson was on “greetings/introductions.” To add to the excitement, students were assigned a French-sounding name. Future lessons include numbers, colors, fruits and vegetables, and animals. It is hoped that this basic knowledge will continue to be exciting as students can begin taking a foreign language as early as eighth grade. It is also noteworthy that when applying for colleges, the more selective colleges and universities prefer students with three or even four years of completion of successful foreign language classes.

Commendations are extended to the GHS students assisting with the Foreign Language Enrichment Club as they have graciously volunteered their time. This is not a requirement for a portion of their grade in the high school French or Spanish classes. The older students have expressed that they truly enjoy giving back to the young students, and the younger population is entertaining and fun.

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