Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Women of the Civil War at Library

The Greenville Public Library is proud to host Lost History: Women of the Civil War presented by Hannah Weist and Betsy Naseman. Join us Thursday February 8th at 6:30 p.m. for a program the whole family will enjoy. Light refreshments will be served.

Hannah and Betsy explain “Politics and war. Bloodshed and bravery. Most history books show the American Civil War though the lens of generals, battles, and foot soldiers, but what about the families, farms, and friends well behind those front lines? Until very recently, women’s contributions to history were widely disregarded, and their courageous stories of faith and struggle weren’t recorded. Only with diligent combing through census records, letters, and diaries will one catch a glimpse of the whole history.

“Betsy, the military laundress, and her sister Hannah, the farmer’s wife, invite you to peek into their world… into their war. Learn about the burden of keeping Hannah’s Arcanum farm running with her husband off at war and the adventure and danger Betsy experiences doing laundry for the 35 Ohio Volunteers. Along the way, you’ll hear some other amazing, but almost forgotten, women’s stories like a doctor, a spy, a nurse, and a woman known as 'The Songbird of the North.'”

Betsy Naseman is an Activity Coordinator at a Life Care Community in Sidney, Ohio where she enjoys bringing history, music, and sunshine to her residents. Betsy has been an active member of the Ohio Valley Civil War Association for over seven years. Betsy has loved learning about the Civil War since the seventh grade and enjoys introducing people to aspects of the Civil War that they may not have thought of before. Betsy has also been involved in World War II living history events and after the 1860s, the 1940s is her favorite era. In her spare time you can find Betsy crocheting, sewing, reading or running.

Hannah Wiest is a history enthusiast both personally and professionally. She works as a historical interpreter at Carriage Hill Farm, an 1880s living history site, in Huber Heights and has been a very active member of the Ohio Valley Civil War Association for over six years. Hannah believes that textbooks are only a peephole into the past. To get a true picture, one must look to the joys, struggles, and hardships of the common, everyday people who lived it.

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