Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Students Discover their Potential to be Great Leaders

On Monday, February 5, 2018, Greenville Elementary and Middle School students and staff hosted a motivational speaker for the day. The speaker was brought in to speak to all grade levels about their own personal potential to be great leaders. Logan Weber was the invited speaker and he had four presentations prepared for the day. His discussions were divided between the Middle levels called X-Factor and the Elementary levels called David and Goliath. This was to allow opportunity to focus on their specific area of need. He spent the remainder of the day meeting with students in the cafeteria and in the classrooms.

Logan Weber co-founded the non-profit organization Dry Tears, which constructed deep-water wells and irrigation systems in rural Africa and South America. He discussed with students that they all possessed what it took to be exceptional leaders and perform great feats if they only would believe in themselves. As he spoke to the group, he outlined four basic aspects for success. He shared that there needed to be potential and passion, a willingness to engage, results and thought.

Potential, he discussed, lies in all of them and they simply needed to trust that what they desired and had set as their goal was worth the effort. Most students stop at this stage and never move beyond this point for themselves, as they do not believe that what they desire is possible or that they possess what it takes to achieve it. They do not believe in their own strength. If they desire to achieve their dream and have faith in themselves then they can do all that they believe. Their eye firmly focused on the goal, each step that they take leads them closer to achieving success.

Achieving potential and following their passion leads students to engaging others in seeing their dreams. They seek out those who also believe in them and a similar dream and together they make steps toward making it come true. This brings results, which can be either what they have desired to achieve or the result that they fail. Logan emphasized that while many will fail, the key is to realize that this does not make them failures. We simply need to learn from the journey and apply this to the next steps and be willing to try again. He asked students to believe in themselves and the abilities that lie within. They can be great leaders and overcome unthinkable challenges if they believe in themselves.

Many thanks to the groups and organizations that helped bring our speaker to the students and staff of Greenville K-8: Healthy Darke County, Angie Arnold and Sharon Deschambeau. The administration and staff realize that without your support for our students and educational programs that our ability to touch student’s growth would be limited. Our students grew in their understanding of how to face the tough challenges in their lives including standing up against drugs, peer pressure, bullying and simply pursuing their individual dreams by believing in themselves.

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