Monday, April 30, 2018

Guest Post from Mike Stegall

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Elections are about choices. This election, in particular, is about either moving forward on a path of stable growth in the economy, in community improvement and in job creation or putting a halt to that progress and choosing to make a blanket change based on reckless election promises.

These past seven years, I have had to make some hard decisions. Usually, those decisions involved money. Your money. My money. Our Darke County money. These hard decisions were made with careful consideration. Those decisions and their results are positively impacting Darke County. I am proud to say that we have already made significant progress since I was elected to serve in 2011.

The unemployment rate has decreased from 10.4% to around 4%. Job growth has increased and over 2200 people have kept jobs or been put to work. Our Partner investment of a little over $2.3 million has led to Capital investment of over $267 million and we will add over $70 million just this year. We have secured over $35 million in State and Federal funds to help with our growth. Midmark, Whirlpool, BASF, Jafe Glass, GTI, Ramco motors, Integrity Ambulance and others have all expanded their businesses or facilities.

The county’s debt continues to decrease. In 2013, Darke County’s Bond Rating from Moody’s Investor service was A1, and now in 2018 that rating has increased to Aa3! We are making steady progress!

The hard decisions we have made have led to the creation of policies that may have seemed controversial, but are proving they were worth making. Our policy decisions are working. Our entire team of elected officials are proving that the course we have chosen as a team is growing the county.

During my “Coffee with the Commissioner” meetings and maintaining an open door policy with you, I’ve listened to you, the citizens of Darke County, and I have heard your concerns. This is the time to speak the truth. Let’s talk about actions, rather than perception. Perception is often exaggerated from rumors which develop out of fear.

My opponent has said what he thinks will help the county, but has never said HOW he would make those changes.

I just illustrated how the path we have set is working. I am confident in the team we have, and that I can continue to help lead and make decisions that deliver tangible benefits for Darke County. Often times there are hard decisions that need to be made. I want to stay positive in my thoughts of Darke County and will always speak highly about our County. I am optimistic about our future! We are moving in a positive direction! I also know that tough times eventually will come. I want to stay with and work with this fantastic group of people we have to help us through the tough times. Please, when you go to the polls on May 8th, I would appreciate your vote to maintain our consistent growth, and progress.

Thank you all for allowing me to serve you!

Respectfully, Commissioner Mike Stegall

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