Monday, July 16, 2018

Beat the Heat and Pulmonary Rehab

Versailles Health Care Center invites you to “Beat the Heat” this summer at their facility. Some ways you can beat the heat this summer at Versailles Health Care Center is getting involved in cardiac rehab, LSVT, vestibular therapy, incontinence therapy, diabetic rehab, stroke recovery, wound care, and pulmonary rehab. These specialty programs are designed to help you get stronger during these hot summer months, especially if you are having issues that are pulmonary related.

During the past couple of weeks, Ohio has experienced record number temperatures in the 90’s. Because of this, pulmonary cases such as COPD, pneumonia, and asthma have affected some people in the communities. Versailles Health Care Center has a professional pulmonary strengthen program designated to help individuals in therapeutic breathing exercises to strengthen lungs while maximizing your oxygen intake with physical movements. The facility is experts in providing quality care in pulmonary strengthening, decrease oxygen dependence, supervising CPAP and Bipap requirements, and providing professional trach care. In addition Kurt, RT from Wayne Healthcare follows up on patients at Versailles Health Care Center every Wednesday and is available if needed during the week for any issues that might arise. The nurses at the facility are also trained in pulmonary as well.

For more information on how you can “Beat the Heat at Versailles Health Care Center,” please contact the facility at 937-526-5570.

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