Tuesday, August 14, 2018

YOLO Park Close to the Fundraising Finish Line

The YOLO organization has raised over $550,000 for the downtown Greenville Urban Park project, and hopes the community will rally to help complete the vision presented in this designers rendering.
Greenville, OH - An urban park in downtown Greenville has existed only as a dream and in designers renderings for 5 years. But now that construction has officially begun, the vision presented by the YOLO Organization is finally becoming a reality. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the YOLO Committee members, over half a million dollars has already been raised for the creation of this community gathering place. As the committee reaches the final stages of the fundraising process they are hoping that the community will come together to help support this project and push it over the finish line.

“Our vision for the Urban Park has always been to create a space for friends and families to spend time together and enjoy our historic downtown, and to support our local businesses by attracting visitors and new residents,” said Phillip Pierri, founder of YOLO of Darke County. “We want this park to be something that can be enjoyed for generations so incredible attention has been given to designing a park that is safe, accessible for all, and uses the highest quality materials.”

Funding for this project has come from several sources, including a $250,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Local supporters include Zechar Bailey Funeral Home, Wayne HealthCare/Foundation, Greenville Federal Bank, Greenville National Bank, Greyson James Steyer Memorial Fund, The Light Foundation, Walls Brothers Asphalt Company, and Financial Achievement Services (FAS), among many others. A full list of park supporters can be found on the organization’s website, www.yoloorg.com/urban-park.htm.

YOLO of Darke County is incredibly grateful for every business, organization, and individual who has already donated to this project and thanks to the many contributions received the urban park is 73% funded! The YOLO Committee would now like to open this project up to community support in the form of a crowdfunding campaign.

A page has been created on the crowdfunding platform Fundly to allow community members to contribute to the park and be recognized as supporters within the park. To donate to this project please visit www.fundly.com/yolopark. Contributions will be used to purchase high quality furnishings for the park, including items such as tables, chairs, benches, trash cans, and bike racks, that will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Donations of any amount are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Support at any level, from $10 to $10,000 all help to make this dream a reality.

“We are incredibly grateful to YOLO of Darke County and the many donors who have contributed to this project so far,” said Crysta Hutchinson, Executive Director of Main Street Greenville. “We wholeheartedly believe that the urban park will be incredibly beneficial for downtown Greenville and our local businesses. We are living in an experience-driven economy where people prioritize the unique beauty of spaces and the memorable events that take place in them. Investing in urban gathering spaces makes your town a destination and can spark new business investment and create demand for housing for those who want to live nearby.”

If you would like to donate to the urban park project, please visit fundly.com/yolopark. There are options for sponsoring specific park features or, alternatively, custom donation amounts can be entered. If you would like to donate directly to the project to help avoid processing fees, please contact Phillip Pierri at info@YOLOorg.com or 937-371-9088.

Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc., founded by Phillip and Jodi Pierri, strives to continuously improve the community while also bringing together high energy people to promote healthy lifestyles and embrace living life to the fullest.The YOLO Community Fund was established with the goal of maintaining a fund that will be able to perpetually give back to the community in ways for which its members will be proud. All proceeds from Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc. events will be deposited into this fund. The Y.O.L.O of Darke County, Inc is a non-profit organization and any donation is tax deductible.

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