Friday, September 28, 2018

Local Author to Speak About His Latest Book at Edison State

Want to listen and laugh? If the answer is a resounding yes, come to Edison State Community College’s Piqua campus, East Hall, Room 456, on October 1, at 7 p.m. Edison State faculty members will introduce you to Tug and Earl, the down-home, crazy characters in humorist John Crusey’s latest book, “Tug and Earl Did What?”

Cathy Essinger, retired Edison State English professor and former Ohio Poet of the Year, will emcee the program and book signing.

Reviewer Vivian Blevins writes, “This collection of stories will have you laughing. Tug and Earl are two eccentrics who never met a challenge they couldn’t overcome whether it’s launching a moped over the Snake River Canyon or checking to see which is faster, lightning or greased lightning.”

Blevins indicates, “Their conversations will delight you, make you want to tell your friends these stories: Tug is abducted by aliens or Tug and Earl encounter ghosts or prepare to chase tornados. It’s about snot bubbles, manly parts, tattoos in private places, and bra snapping in a world where everything can be repaired with a little cardboard and duct tape.”

The cover of this little volume by artists Aaron Lindeman and Robin Heintz will have you looking at it again and again to determine how Heintz captured their rusty, paint-peeling junkyard vehicle so expertly and how Lindeman imagined what these vulgar, idea-a-minute characters would look like. We are teased by their images as we wonder what they will be up to next.

For $7.95 you can order this book on Amazon, and it will arrive at your mailbox within a few days. Or plan to attend on Oct. 1, meet author John Crusey, and buy an autographed copy. Even your friends who are non-readers will delight in this as a holiday gift, and you’ll want to read it before wrapping it up and tying a big red bow on the package.

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