Friday, September 21, 2018

TASKS Assists Mississinawa Schools with CPR Education

Prior to the July board meeting of Mississinawa Valley Local Schools, TASKS, Inc. board members Ted Braun, Dan Watren, and Scott Garrison were present to meet with MV board members Amy Hanes, Dale Breymier, and Superintendent Doug Dunham to look over the new CPR equipment purchased with grant money given by the TASKS organization. School nurse Jamie Wisner reached out to TASKS in early 2018 for assistance in purchasing 9 CPR mannequins (5 adult, 1 child, & 3 infant) and 2 AED trainers for classroom use, teaching students how to perform CPR. The equipment was received just prior to the end of the school year and will be used for the first time this school year. The mannequins (adult, pediatric, and infant) are equipped with electronic feedback indicators that tell the student if their compressions are being done at the proper depth and rate. The AED trainers are true to life and have all the voice commands found in a publicly available AED.

Nurse Wisner intends to use these equipment pieces to train students on CPR at both the 4th and 9th grade levels in hopes of obtaining Heart Safe School accreditation through the SADS Foundation for the school district. Heart Safe School accreditation is not a requirement, but a desire shared among the Darke county school nurses to ensure that Darke county schools are offering the safest environment possible to the youth in our community. Adhering to the required elements of this accreditation, will certify that students and staff are better equipped to act in the event of a cardiac emergency. More specifically, it will ensure a more coordinated campus-wide response, clarity of staff roles, efficient access to emergency equipment, and ultimately a safer platform for learning and sharing.

Pictured above are TASKS board members Braun, Watren, and Garrison, along with Mississinawa Valley Schools nurse Jamie Wisner and board members Amy Hanes, Dale Breymier, and Superintendent Doug Dunham.

TASKS, Inc. (Teaching About Safety Kids’ Style) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, as approved by the IRS in June of 2014. TASKS was created with the intent of funding safety education initiatives aimed at Darke County youth. As a 501(c)3, any contributions to TASKS, Inc. could be tax deductible and are substantiated with a written receipt from the organization. If you have any questions regarding TASKS, please feel free to contact Scott Garrison at 937-371-1249. Donations may be mailed to TASKS, Inc., 28 E. Ward St., Versailles, OH 45380.

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