Friday, October 12, 2018


The Anna Bier Gallery will present mixed-media collage artist, Marsha Pippenger, at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville on Saturday, October 13, 2018; the exhibit will be open from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. with an artist presentation at 7 p.m.

Marsha has been active in Dayton’s arts community for more than 20 years, creating and exhibiting her colorful collages and promoting the visual arts. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio Northern University and a Master of Humanities from Wright State University. Through Central State University, she completed independent coursework with local artist and educator Bing Davis. Marsha is an adjunct faculty member at Wright State University and the Kettering College of Medical Arts, where she teaches courses in art and art history. As a Kennedy Center trained artist, Marsha conducts workshops in arts integration for teachers. She has worked in graphic arts, taught art in the Dayton Public Schools, and served on the boards of local arts organizations. Her work can be found in local galleries and in a variety of public and private collections. More information on Marsha Pippenger’s art can be found at ,, and

Marsha states, “In my opinion, the best art is intuitive – one individual’s interior experiences outwardly expressed in artistic media. For me, this media is paper, combined with pencils, pastels and natural or found objects. For as long as I can remember, imagination has been my best friend, creating art as necessary as breathing. When I work in my studio I become totally immersed in a delightful universe of colors, textures and shapes. Time stands in limbo. Collage is perfectly suited to my philosophy of visual expression. It is at once painting, drawing, sculpture and assemblage. Creating values and dimensions with paper, exploring new materials and combinations of objects to create a unified whole is always an exciting challenge. Working in the medium of collage, I must let the materials have the upper hand, which allows for a fresher, more spontaneous appearance to the final product.

Showing my work as a collection allows me to record my artistic development and progression of thought and technique. Viewing one piece alone is not adequate to illustrate this. It is helpful to stand back and view the body of work; it is also important to receive feedback from others. I love what I do. Art is such an essential part of our world; it records our history and reminds us of our humanity. Art feeds and fills the soul. To be even a small part of that grand tradition, to have even a minute association with the masters, is an honor and responsibility I am proud to uphold.

The Pippenger exhibit is sponsored by the generous donations of our members. The Anna Bier Gallery exhibits and events are made possible through the gracious support of Second National Bank, Darke County Endowment for the Arts, Ketrow Foundation, Lydia E. Schaurer Memorial Trust Fund, Harry D. and Esther Stephens Memorial, Darke County Foundation, the Ami McClurkin Community Fund and through all the generous contributions of our loyal members. We thank them. This exhibit will run through December 9, 2017. All exhibits are free to the public. Gallery hours are every day by appointment. Please contact Tamera McNulty, Executive Director, with any questions or comments and visit us on our facebook page for more information.

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