Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Murder in the Stacks at Library

Bellhop, Sierra Perry; Dr. Orchid, Julie Kennett; Mr. Mustard, Zach Perry; Mrs. Peacock, Rachel Brock; Miss Scarlet, Caitlyn Clark; Professor Plumb, David Nilsen; Mr. Green, Reuben Kennett; not see, Mr. Boddy, John Vehre.
Ever wanted to take part in a real-life game of Clue? Here's your chance! Join me, YA Specialist Amanda Olson for “Murder in the Stacks: a Clue-themed Mystery Event” at the Greenville Public Library on Friday October 26 from 6:00 to 8:00. This is a free event but registration is helpful. Register online or stop in for a ticket.

Mr. Boddy, the library director, has been murdered! To figure out whodunnit you'll have to speak with each of the suspects, search for clues, and review video footage. You may even have to talk to a ghost or two! The first five investigators to solve the mystery will receive a prize! At the end of the night a new library director will be named and the murderer will be taken out in handcuffs, assuming the new director isn't the guilty party!

This event can be completed individually or as a group, so bring a friend or the whole family! There will be snacks available and we'll have a photo booth complete with a prop chest so you can stage your own photos! This event is intended for ages 10 and up but younger kids could participate with the help of a grown-up!

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