Friday, October 5, 2018

Two Mill Permanent Improvement Levy Due for Renewal At Greenville City Schools – NO NEW TAXES

Submitted by Doug Fries, Superintendent

On both May 17, 2018 and June 21, 2018 the Greenville City Schools Board of Education unanimously approved resolutions to place a 2 mill permanent improvement renewal issue on the November 6, 2018 ballot. Greenville City Schools has utilized a permanent improvement levy since 1989 and successfully renewed the issue in the required five year cycle each time thereafter. That cycle for renewal continues on November 6, 2018.

Permanent improvement money can only be used for improvements and projects with an estimate life or usefulness of five years or more. Some examples are building improvements and repairs, technology upgrades, parking lot and athletic facility improvements, as well as educational and safety equipment. Permanent improvement monies cannot be utilized for salaries, benefits or consumable items.

In the last five years Greenville City Schools used the P.I. fund to complete the following projects:


  • Tennis Court Project
  • All weather track maintenance
  • Roof maintenance and painting on storage building behind high school tennis court
  • New roof on ticket booths and dugouts at high school stadium and front softball field
  • Repair and paint stadium stands
  • Carpet high school guidance office
  • Painting stadium restrooms
  • Painting high school walls
  • Concrete walks at high school and Memorial Hall
  • Purchase skid loader and snow plow for maintenance truck
  • Additional fence around bus garage area
  • Painting high school book cases and old heating units in classrooms
  • Service air conditioning at high school and Memorial Hall
  • Additional LED lights at high school
  • Technology purchases – switches, smartboards, Epson projectors, servers
  • Purchase dry eraseboards at high school


  • Drainage repair at high school stadium
  • Sealcoat asphalt parking lot at high school student lot and day care entrance area
  • Sealcoat/crack fill transportation parking lot
  • New carpet at high school media center and day care area
  • Additional LED lights at high school
  • Two new drinking fountains at high school
  • New chairs/desks high school computer labs
  • New rubber base at high school athletic and music areas
  • Concrete walks and ramps at high school and Memorial Hall
  • New lights Memorial Hall shop
  • Roof repair at district rental house next to high school
  • Establish new front high school landscaping
  • Repair roof top heating/air units at high school
  • Spectrum TV feed at high school
  • Phone line voice feed to servers
  • Additional high school renovation work, heating and cooling in career tech building
  • Technology purchases – Epson projectors, speakers, wireless microphones, switches, CD player
  • Painting additional high school old heating units in classrooms


  • Trophy cases at high school
  • Clean/strip/seal high school terrazzo floors
  • Soil test borings, surveys, architecture fees, new high school parking lot
  • Concrete landing steps at high school weight room and concrete walks at high school
  • Asphalt new front high school parking lot and drive
  • Paint high school hallways and auto shop
  • Heating/cooling repair and service work at high school and Memorial Hall and transportation office
  • Electric conduit installed for additional computers at high school study hall
  • Technology purchases - Epson projectors, smartboards, scanners, cabling


  • Architecture fees and new storage building at K-8
  • New lockers in high school locker rooms
  • Additional concrete around athletic fields
  • Track and field parking lot at high school
  • Electric repair - high school poles at front band and softball field
  • Phone fiber at Memorial Hall tied to other buildings
  • Service roof top heating/air units at Memorial Hall
  • Technology purchases - Epson projectors, printers, server
  • Painting upgrades at high school and Memorial Hall


  • Memorial Hall window/door replacement
  • Memorial Hall window painting
  • Memorial Hall new concrete front entrance
  • Memorial Hall tuck pointing back outside upper wall
  • Repair stadium concrete
  • Repair drainage on Eric Street K-8 property
  • Sealcoat and crack fill high school parking lot, new asphalt at day care entrance
  • Plaster repair Memorial Hall inside rooms
  • New security cameras at Jennings Complex, Harmon Field, and outside high school and Memorial Hall
  • New technology server for outdoor cameras

Specific permanent improvement needs over the next five years include:

  • Improved/developed athletic fields and facilities at K-8 grounds and high school front baseball/softball field
  • New Harmon Field Stadium seating, restrooms, concessions, ticket booths, and lighting
  • Additional technology purchases related to switches, servers, fiber, infrastructure, smartboards, Epson projectors
  • Begin to put money back annually to a cost center designated for maintenance/replacement work at Harmon Field turf and Jennings Center track resurface
  • Ongoing Memorial Hall restoration projects including tuck pointing and indoor painting/plaster work as well as roof upkeep
  • Additional classroom furniture at high school
  • LED lighting at high school
  • Ongoing site work upkeep at high school, Memorial Hall, transportation office for parking lots/sidewalks
  • Upgrade carpeting projects at high school and Memorial Hall
  • Removal of the final high school front hallway rooms asbestos tile
  • New school van
  • Upgraded high school locker room projects in school and at stadium
  • Continued safety upgrade equipment
  • Snow removal and mowing equipment replacement

The 2 mill permanent improvement renewal issue would result in NO NEW TAXES and would continue to provide the district with an annual amount of $450,000 for building and grounds and capital improvements. This issue is a request to renew an existing levy and again would result in no tax increases or additional millage. The issue will cost the tax payer no more than they pay today. The Greenville City School District will continue to operate within the constraints set forth by the budget and demonstrate prudence and accountability with your tax dollar.

School buildings and grounds are a major investment that requires ongoing and continual maintenance and upgrading that benefit the students and staff as well as the entire community. The half mill maintenance fund at the K-8 facility can never be used at the high school facility, career tech building, Memorial Hall, transportation building, or any outdoor athletic field for buildings and grounds upkeep.

Renewal levies mean that voters can still take advantage of the State of Ohio funded rollback. All new levies have lost this advantage which was eliminated in the summer of 2013.

I hope these facts provide you the need for this renewal levy for the P.I. fund at Greenville City Schools. Our school district and community have been going forward with their facilities. There are ongoing needs to maintain buildings and grounds. This renewal levy has NO NEW TAXES.

If you have ANY questions about the levy or any other school issue, don’t hesitate to call the Superintendent/Treasurer office at 937-548-3185 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We believe Greenville City Schools is a great place for students to learn and teachers to teach and our community is a great place to live.

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