Friday, March 8, 2019

New Madison Kiwanis Helps Local Family Attend Medical Conference

The New Madison Kiwanis Club hosted the Miller Family at their Jan. 17 meeting. The Miller’s youngest child, Chris, has CardioFacioCutaneous (CFC). About 500 individuals worldwide are diagnosed with CFC, but scientists estimate that it occurs in 1 in 1,000,000 births. Individuals with CFC have heart defects, distinctive facial characteristics, and various skin conditions. Most also have feeding and digestive issues, short stature, vision problems, and seizures. Overall, children with this condition fail to thrive.

While Chris battles nearly all of these issues, he is thriving in his large, lively family that includes his parents Melanie and Ted and his three siblings – Haley, Teddy, & Caleb. The family attended the Kiwanis meeting to share some exciting news. The entire family will be attending an International Conference in Florida this July because for the first time, the conference is close enough for the family to drive. Both his parents and siblings will have opportunities to attend panel discussions and seminars designed for family members of children with CFC. In addition, because of his work with Chris, his neurologist will be attending to consult with other CFC patients from around the world. Because the Kiwanis group strives to support families and children in our community and throughout the world, the members agreed unanimously to give support to the family, but there is much more that can be done to help them on their journey. Please help us to help them with housing, travel, and food costs.

For more information on CFC, visit If you or your organization would be interested in supporting the Miller Family in this endeavor, contact Brenda Miller at 937-996-1741 or Gwen Tinkle at New Madison United Methodist Church , 937-996-5341.

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