Tuesday, October 29, 2019

High School Graduation Requirements

Written by Greenville High School Principal Stan Hughes

Students in the class of 2020 have five different pathways to meet the requirements for graduation. The first pathway requires students to earn a minimum of 18 points in the end-of-course state tests. They must earn at least four points in English, 4 points in math and 6 points in social studies and science combined. The tests include English I and II, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, U.S. History and Civics. This pathway is a demanding academic pathway requiring students to score high marks to earn the eighteen required points.

The second pathway requires students to earn industry-recognized credentials totaling 12 points or more and pass the WorkKeys test. Some examples of industry recognized credentials would be STNA, Student ASE certifications, and Child Development Associate credential (CDA). We are fortunate at Greenville High School to have career technical programs that help our students earn these credits.

Another pathway for students to earn a high school diploma is to score remediation-free on the ACT or SAT college entrance exams. We currently give the ACT to all juniors in Greenville City Schools. The remediation-free scores for the English and Math portion of the ACT is twenty-two or higher. The fourth alternative pathway for graduation for the class of 2020 allows students to complete two of the following requirements:

  • Earn a 2.5 GPA in all of the courses taken in the 11th and 12th grade combined
  • Complete a capstone project
  • Complete 120 hours of work or community service during the 12th grade year
  • Earn 3 college credits during high school
  • Earn credit for Advanced placement or International Baccalaureate courses
  • Score a 3 or higher on each of the sections of the WorkKeys test
  • Earn an industry-recognized credential worth 3 or more points
  • Meet the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal requirements

The last alternative for graduation allows students who complete a career technical program to meet at least one of the following options:

  • Earn proficient scores or better on all career technical exams
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials worth 12 or more points
  • Complete a workplace experience totaling 250 hours or more with positive evaluations

Starting with the class of 2021, the pathways for earning a diploma change dramatically.

Students in this class and the class of 2022 will have the first three pathways listed above but instead of the two alternative pathways (listed above), students will be able to complete the new graduation requirements.

The class of 2023 and beyond will only have the new graduation requirements available to them.

There are three parts to the new requirements for graduation. First, you must earn the locally defined number of credits, at Greenville High School that is twenty two credits. Second you must demonstrate “competency.”

There are 4 ways that students can demonstrate competency. Students may earn a “competency” score (as defined by Ohio Department of Education) on the English II and algebra I end-of-exams. Students who do not earn a competency score on these tests have three options to take the place of the exams. One option is demonstrate two career focused activities such as proficient scores on WebXams, earn Industry Credentials, and pre-apprenticeship programs. A second option is to enlist in the military, and the third option is to complete college coursework in math and/or English.

In addition to earning credits and demonstrating competency, students must also show their college and/or career readiness. Our students show their readiness by earning at least two diploma seals. The state created twelve seals for students to demonstrate academic, career, college, and military readiness. The following seals have been created by the state of Ohio.

  • OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal
  • State Seal of Biliteracy
  • Industry-Recognized Credential Seal
  • College-Ready Seal
  • Military Enlistment Seal
  • Citizenship Seal
  • Science Seal
  • Honors Diploma Seal
  • Technology Seal
  • Community Service Seal*
  • Fine and Performing Arts Seal*
  • Certified Student Engagement Seal*

Greenville High School students are a diverse group of learners who will continue to grow and develop in to good citizens with the help of the faculty and staff of Greenville City Schools, the support of families and the community, and a set of diverse pathways designed to fit the needs of our students.

We are looking forward to helping our students and parents of students understand these new requirements and to continue to pursue the vision Greenville City Schools of maximizing the potential of each and every student.

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