Wednesday, October 23, 2019


The Ballot Box scanner.  Your private paper ballot vote will
be counted only after you have inserted it into the Ballot Box.
Whether you are voting early at the Darke Co. Board of Elections or waiting for Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, watch this link to see how easy it is to use the new voting equipment (the video is also embedded above): There is a touch screen Ballot Marking Device that you use to vote on with a paper ballot. The other new piece of equipment is a large Ballot Box scanner.

The video takes less than 15 minutes to watch on YouTube. It will also be available for viewing on Greenville Public Access TV Wave Channel 5 during these times: Saturday and Sunday, 4 PM & 10 PM; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 6 AM; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 6 PM.
The League of Women Voters of Darke County in cooperation with the Board of Elections and Greenville High School’s Wave Channel 5 and IMTV class filmed voters at a recent open house earlier in October at the Board of Election. Voters at the open house could try the machines while “voting” for their favorite dog breed, favorite beach and other items.

After showing proper I.D. and checking in, you will be issued a blank paper ballot marked with a bar code to identify your precinct. You should then insert the blank ballot into the touch screen Ballot Marking Device. Candidates and issues for your precinct will appear on the screen. After making your selections, you can review them on the summary screen. You may modify any of your choices by tapping the race or issue you would like to change. Once you have confirmed your choices, select next and print. Then pull out your printed ballot from the Ballot Marking Device. You can view your selections on the paper ballot, giving you another chance to confirm your vote. You will then take your ballot to the Ballot Box and insert the ballot above the green arrow before exiting the polling place. Your private vote will be counted only after you have inserted it into the Ballot Box.

The new equipment was purchased to replace the aging ones which had been used for 14 years. Using these in this November’s election will familiarize the voters before the Presidential Primary Election which is March 17, 2020.

Special thanks to Paul Schlechty, Director of the Darke County Board of Elections and the two videographers from Greenville H.S. IMTV program, Micheal Huston and Nate Feurer as well as their instructor Lori Hoover. This was a community service project of the League of Women Voters of Darke County At-Large Unit, a non-partisan political organization whose primary focus is voter service.

Early voting continues at the Board of Elections, 300 Garst Ave. in Greenville on Monday – Friday, October 21 – 25 from 8 AM – 5 PM; October 28 – Nov. 1, from 8 AM – 7 PM; Saturday, November 2, from 8 AM – 4 PM; Sunday, November 3 from 1 PM – 5 PM and Monday, November 4, from 8 AM – 2 PM. Voting at the regular polling precincts is on Tuesday, November 5 with polls open from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. For questions about your voting precinct, please call the Board of Elections, 937-548-1835.

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