Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ambulance service owners surprise party goers

Company owners present employees with 10 new vehicles; four new ventilators; seven new computers; three new power cots, a new copier, and more

Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, employees and guests watched in awe as company owners unveiled multiple gifts, including 10 new vehicles and other patient care equipment to better serve the growing demand for its medical transportation services.
Greenville, OH-It’s been said the Christmas season is a time of giving and the owners of Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, took that belief to extreme this past weekend.

During the annual employee Christmas party held this past Sunday, Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, President/CEO Brian K. Hathaway opened the Spirit 2019 Christmas party with a presentation that left many employees and guests in awe.

As employees, families, and guests of the company gathered, for the second year in a row, Hathaway asked those in attendance to join Vice President Aaron Guthrie and himself in the fairground’s coliseum. Those entering saw a red “ambulance sleigh” being pulled by a set of reindeer that read “Santa’s Workshop.” To ensure they couldn’t see anything behind the sleigh, large tarps strung across the entire building prevented anyone from getting any viewing advantages.

While taking a seat, those in attendance began to ponder what all the hype was about. Then, Hathaway began to share why employees and their families had been invited to this special place.

Hathaway shared with everyone in attendance that 2019 had been one of the best financial years since the business’s inception in 2007 and “tonight we are going to celebrate that occasion in a big way,” he explained. “Our employees are the foundation of the business. You’ve been busy little elves all year, so now it’s time we give back to all of you in recognition of a job well-done.”

The president started out the presentation by recognizing the dispatch center for being diligent in their efforts of taking calls from facilities and hospitals that allowed the company to deliver high-quality and compassionate care day in and day-out. He then went on to recognize the company’s quality assurance and billing department for their tremendous focus on billing and collections in 2019 that led to an 18-percent increase in collections in 2019 versus 2018.

“It’s the great people in the office setting that have helped turn the key to the success this past year,” Hathaway said. “While there have certainly been hurdles along the way, this team always rises to the occasion and remains focused on meeting or exceeding goals, without ever challenging our purpose, vision, and values.”

During his address to those in attendance, Hathaway invited various employee groups to the front to participate in unwrapping various presents that had been tucked away in Santa’s sleigh. As he would call off the different groups, Santa and Mrs. Claus would put gifts out on the table for all to open.

The first gift that was opened was by the paramedics. They opened two boxes containing four new patient ventilators. These transport ventilators are the very latest on the market and have been something this group of healthcare providers has been asking for since last Christmas.

Hathaway then called the EMTs to the front and had them open several packages. One package included seven new computers to compliment the ambulances. They then opened a package that sent Santa on a quick run to the North Pole. Upon his return, out came his elves with three new Ferno power cots that have the capability of lifting patients weighing up to 700 pounds.

Then, the drivers of the wheelchair vans were called to the front. They got word that in order to see what Santa had delivered for them, they would have to get Santa and his reindeer to “pull his sleigh, out of the way.” With a chant of “move that sleigh, move that sleigh,” the sleigh moved, and the large tarps dropped.

And what to their wondering eyes did appear? It was four brand new wheelchair vans marked with Christmas bells and a bow. The crowd cheered in appreciation.

And just as the crowd had thought the night was over, Hathaway had the company’s various EMS instructors who teach the company scholarship classes come forward. They unwrapped a box containing a ream of paper and then out rolled a new copy machine/scanner for the new education center the company just opened in Greenville. The company’s HR department also opened a new printer/copier for their office.

As the crowd peered with disbelief, there were still two gifts remaining to be opened. As one EMT opened the gift, they were directed to put on a pair of sunglasses to “look cool” and “push the button” to see what was behind the garage door. As the door rose up, so did the crowd when in pulled three new Medix brand Ford Transit ambulances. The garage door then closed.

As the last package was opened, it contained a miniature size box style ambulance. Hathaway told the crew the only way that miniature size ambulance could get bigger, is if they put on the magic sunglasses and again hit the magic button. As the garage door again rose, in pulled three Front Line Ford F350 box-style ambulances. The crowd again roared with applause and chants.
Guthrie and Hathaway closed the evening ceremony by expressing how appreciative they are of the dedication of all its employees. They also expressed the gratitude they have of the facilities they serve, and announced they have 64 facilities on a waiting list wanting the services Spirit offers, but simply don’t have the personnel to meet the growing demand.

“We aren’t going to over promise and under deliver to the facilities and patients we’ve already committed to,” Hathaway explained. “As owners, we are as committed to you as you are to us…so one final gift we have to offer going into 2020…for every month you as an employee report to work when scheduled, on time, and have no disciplinary issues, you will get an automatic five-cent per hour raise in addition to any regular performance-base raises. So, just for coming to work and doing a great job, you’ll be making 60 more cents on the hour come next January just for coming to work on time and providing great service to our patients and customers.” Again, a great big applause was given.

“Merry Christmas to each of you and your families,” Guthrie concluded. “This has been an amazing year and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Let’s now go out and celebrate another great year of success.”

The evening concluded with the Spirit management team personally serving dinner to move than 340 employees and guests, owners passing out a door prize to every employee, a Christmas ornament bearing photos of the new wheelchair vans and ambulances, cash awards to 51 of its employees, ensuring each child in attendance had their own personally addressed and wrapped gift from Santa, and presenting various individual company awards. While awards were being presented, children of all ages were enjoying a photo booth, craft area, and jumpy houses that had been setup for all to enjoy.

Hathaway said only five company employees, two of which are his parents, knew about the big surprise. Hathaway said he and the other five spent countless hours stocking each of the six ambulances and four wheelchair vans to make sure they were ready for inspection by the Ohio Division of EMS, days before the company Christmas party.

By the end of the week, all ten new vehicles will be on the roads of western Ohio and eastern Indiana serving those in the geographical area Spirit covers.

The company would like to thank the following companies and individuals for all of their support in making the Christmas surprise possible:

911 Fleet & Fire – Dan Mitch
Penn Care – Mike Bowman
Freedom Motors- Kevin Barnes
Greenville Federal – Nick Good, Tina Jones, Jeff Knise, and Members of the Bank Board
Ascentium Capital LLC-Graeme Patey
Ferno – Bill Chrisovergis
Ohio Signs – Brian Reeser
Ohio Department of Public Safety, Inspector – Adam Blake, Medical Transportation Director – David Fiffick
A-OK Fire Protection-Tyler Edwards
Henry Schein EMS – Scott Bruner
Source Products, Ltd. – Bill Burdick
Four-U-Office Supply – Taylor Uhlenhake and Amber LaGuire
JP Mohler, LLC – Justin Mohler
Santa’s Helpers – Gary and Cindy Moore
Tim Clopp Photography
DJ 911 - Caleb Custer
The Darke County Agricultural Society for the use of the buildings to hide all ten vehicles
Tri State Biomedical Solutions, LLC – Josh Brown
Darleen Wilcox
Aaron Guthrie
Brian K. Hathaway
Ault, Henderson & Lewis - Dave Snider
John & Deb Hathaway
Audrey & Naomi Hathaway
Carol Hathaway
Steve Garrison

Spirit Medical Transport, LLC employs over 115 people and serves all western Ohio and Eastern Indiana with stations in Greenville, Celina, Van Wert, Sidney and Liberty, IN.

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