Tuesday, May 5, 2020

OPENING UP DARKE COUNTY (Submitted by the Darke County Commissioners)

Some of you have heard the news that other counties in our part of the State are “Opening Up” for business. To a point, this is true. However, after consultation with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio, this is not completely accurate. The counties that are opening are following State guidelines. They are opening everything that the State said could open today, AS LONG AS THEY FOLLOW STATE GUIDELINES. The good news in this is that they have consulted with their Sheriff’s Departments and Health Commissioners to see what their recommendation is. They have agreed to follow this lead.

The Darke County Commissioners have been consulting our Sheriff and our Health Commissioner and we agree it is time to allow these businesses to open. If you follow proper safety techniques, we say open and run your business your way. We disagree with the stance of NOT allowing restaurants, hair salons, and others to open now. To us this is picking winners and losers and this is NOT the responsibility of government. All businesses should be treated EQUALLY! The disadvantage with hair salons, barber shops and restaurants is they are state licensed, and the state does have the ability to PULL YOUR LICENSE if you do not follow their guidelines.

We believe this is wrong, but YOU must decide if the penalty is worth it. Please use common sense and open your businesses the way you wish. The Darke County Commissioners support your right to run your life your way without undue interference from government.

The Darke County Commissioners dtd. Monday, May 4, 2020

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