Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Darke County GOP reorganizes: New officers and committees chosen

GREENVILLE, OHIO – The Darke County Republican Party recently met in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code to reorganize for the 2020 and 2021 years. This is done in each even numbered year after new committeepersons are elected in the primary election.

The Party congratulated the following election winners: Terry L. Haworth (Precinct 01), Darryl D. Mehaffie (Precinct 03), Doris Howdieshell (Precinct 04), Cindy Pike (Precinct 09), Jeffrey D. Whitaker (Precinct 10), Lynda W. Bliss (Precinct 11), Dean G. Burk (Precinct 16), John K. Keller (Precinct 20), Jim Ward (Precinct 22), Gwendolyn K. Tinkle (Precinct 24), Betty J. Grimes (Precinct 25), Kevin Threewits (Precinct 26), Michael W. Foreman (Precinct 27), Tom Lucas (Precinct 31), Kelly Brehm (Precinct 36), Gloria Harpest (Precinct 37), and Michael W. Rhoades(Precinct 39).

The newly elected Republican committeepersons met and elected the following officers for the Darke County Republican Central Committee (DCRCC): Chairman Cindy Pike, Vice Chairman Jeff Whitaker, Treasurer Gwen Tinkle, Secretary Doris Howdieshell.

In accordance with the Darke County Republican Party Bylaws, the DCRCC elects the Chairman of the Darke County Republican Executive Committee (DCREC) and five DCRCC members to serve on the DCREC. Katie DeLand was elected to serve as DCREC Chairman for the upcoming term. Additionally, the following people were elected to serve on the DCREC: Lyn Bliss, Kelly Brehm, Ryan Buschur, Kevin Threewits, and Gwen Tinkle.

The DCRCC also established two new officers to serve on the DCREC: Education and Constitution Chairman Keith Threewits and Technology and Social Media Chairman Lyn Bliss.

The DCREC met following adjournment of the DCRCC and elected its other officers for the 2020-2021 term: Vice Chairman Matt Aultman, Treasurer Roxanne Willman and Secretary Jaime LeVeck.

The DCREC appointed the following members to the DCRCC: Matt Aultman, Dennis Baker, Russ Bennett, Ryan Buschur, Delores Ely, Carol Ginn, Anna May James, Kate Poeppelman and Jeff Ruffing.

The purposes of the Republican Party of Darke County are to secure the most capable, honest, and forward-looking administration for the government of the nation, state, county, township and municipalities, and in accordance with the principles of the Republican Party continually assist in advancing and achieving the common welfare and the benefits of liberty and justice for ourselves and our posterity.

The members of the DCRCC and DCREC pledge themselves to support the principals espoused in the Republican Platform as adopted by the delegates to the most recent quadrennial Republican National Convention and to assist in achieving the purposes of the Republican Party of Darke County.

For questions or further information please contact Chairman DeLand at (937) 424-7086.

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