Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Letter to the Journal: Litchfield's Support Darke County Parks Levy

Dear Editor, 

Darke County Park District improves our quality of life, one of the reasons Darke County is great!  

Seeing people of all ages using the parks is exciting. We love that there are so many opportunities for the public to enjoy their parks.   Have you hopped onto the new Jim Buchy mile of the paved trails? It starts at the corner of Broadway and Wilson Dr. and runs behind the MaidRite.  Walking or bicycling on it, creekside, with the beautiful scenery is great for mental and physical health.

We love getting out on our bikes and continuing on the almost 15 miles of paved trail, with some ‘share the road’, all the way to east of Gettysburg.  We enjoy walking through all of the non-paved trails in the 13 Darke County Parks.  We are thrilled that with passage of this levy, that Bear’s Mill will become a forever-cared-for Darke Co. Park, the transfer for zero dollars.  And Ft. Jefferson, too.  This historic site can also be improved by the people of Darke County with passage of his ½ mill levy.  

We appreciate the staff going to the schools or doing programs virtually to educate our youth.  We appreciate the staff going to nursing homes, outside residents’ windows, sharing wildlife to bring joy to those who cannot get out.  

We are thankful to Darke Countians for the past and continued support of your Darke County Parks.  The time has come to improve the funding for needed upgrades, improvements, equipment and personnel.  Staffing levels haven’t changed since 2003, but the number of parks has increased.  The owner of a $100,000 home will be paying $1.46 a month more for the year than you are paying now.  With passage, a total of $2.65/ month for the great outdoors.  And, we appreciate that the 21 county village and city parks can apply for an increased amount of grants for their local parks with the passage of this levy.

The Darke Co. Park District board has proved that they are good stewards of the land and our tax dollars.  The parks enhance quality of life for all of us!

Please join us in voting FOR the levy to continue to see improvement in all parks.


Steve and Eileen Litchfield

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