Monday, February 8, 2021


The New Year has started off just about the same as the last one ended. For wintertime in the Miami Valley, we have had decent weather so far, the Corona Virus is still with us, but seems to be waning as vaccines become more available, and businesses here seem to be moving along fairly well. We are all holding out for a much better year this time around! 

January has started out as usual with the office here signing purchase orders, setting up some new procedures, and adjusting to each other as we have a new Commissioner in the office, Larry Holmes. Larry has a background in business and finance and is a graduate of Greenville High School. He is learning the position and is fitting in nicely so far. Matt and I are whipping him into shape, and it shouldn’t take much longer! We also had our reorganization meeting on January, 11th during our regular session, and Matt Aultman will be Chairman, and Mike Stegall will be ViceChairman for 2021. (Larry is referred to as “member” this year and will have to bring us coffee and donuts, and empty the trash!)

We have hired a new person in the office for the front desk and as Assistant Clerk/Secretary, Bridget Steinmetz. Bridget will start in midFebruary, and we look forward to working with her. Congratulations

Bridget and welcome aboard! Charity Hutt, who was at the front desk and has been moved to the position of Administrative Assistant in the Sewer Dept. and Automotive Maintenance office. These new assignments should create a more efficient workplace.

In other happenings, the airport taxiway project has finally cleared all the hurdles and dirt should start being moved the First of March, weather permitting. The holdup has been resolved with the FAA, (paperwork on their end) and we look forward to the start of the project. This is a much needed improvement in safety at the airport, and we want to thank the FAA for funding this important project. We have several other projects we are looking at as well as new business opportunities. We will know more as the year settles in, but there seems to be some good activity in the business sector for the County. If you go to Versailles, you will see a big hole in the middle of town where the Versailles Inn used to be. The demolition is done and soon Midmark will start reconstruction. This is just one of the projects that Midmark has, as their existing expansion of the plant and facilities is well under way to completion. One thing we did not mention is the new Casey’s in the village of Versailles. They have been open for a few months now and has been received very well.

Congratulations to Casey’s and welcome to Versailles. There are housing projects considered in  Ansonia and Arcanum, and we will have more information later.

January seems to be starting a little better than last year, and we are sure it will be better. If you would like to know what is going on in Darke County, why don’t you plan to attend one of our public meetings? We meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Administration building south of the Courthouse in Greenville. Take the time and come on in, you are always welcome!

The Darke County Commissioners.

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