Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Your Darke County Parks Are Open

During the winter months, it is important to still take the time to get outside. Spending time outdoors is proven to be beneficial to your mental and physical health. One tool that the people of Darke County have at their disposal is the Tecumseh Multi-Use trail. This mostly paved trail stretches from downtown Greenville to the village of Bradford, a total of approximately 14 miles. While many regularly use the trail for biking and walking, traffic typically slows down on the trail during the winter months. There is a unique portion of trail near Gettysburg that is left natural and not plowed during periods of snowfall. This portion of the trail can be used for winter activities such as cross-country skiing and winter hiking. Other portions of the trail in Greenville, the “Jim Buchy Mile”, from Alice Bish through the Greenville City park and ending at North Broadway are plowed and cleared to allow winter walking. Darke County Parks Director, Roger Van Frank stated, “Especially during this period of the Covid 19 Pandemic we recognize the importance that parks and trails make to the health of families in our communities. Remember the Benefits of Parks and Recreation are Endless”!. 

Pictured supplied by Darke County Parks Volunteer, Wayne Fisher. 

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