About the author, Abraham Lincoln

Abraham will write about things he remembers from growing up during World War II and living in Gordon and Greenville, Ohio.

About Abraham Lincoln: Abraham began working in Research and Development at NCR in Dayton, Ohio in 1957 after being honorably discharged from the United States Army.

Abraham Lincoln and his family moved to Brookville in 1962 from Darke County.

He quit his job in Engineering at NCR and became a school teacher in 1968 at the Career Center in Greene County. While there he started a business and bought his first computer. He purchased a new Apple II Plus and used it to produce company catalogs.

He started the Commercial Art program at Montgomery County JVS (as it was then called) and continued to work on his business at home. During these years years he owned Compaq, HP, Gateway, Apple, IBM and Dell computers.

He learned how to use many of the most popular programs when they were first introduced and were still DOS based (before 'Windows'). Since then he has grown up with constant upgrades and is now, for example, on version 11 of a program that was new a few years after he purchased his first PC computer.

His business about handwriting and calligraphy got him on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in 1978. As the business flourished he quit teaching to spend all of his time developing the business and inventing new products to sell around the world.

In 1989 he wrote 3 new books and the series program for a 13-week televisions series shown on Public Broadcasting Stations in this country and on The Learning Channel (TLC) internationally. Abraham was the host on the show that was partly sponsored by Parker Pen Ltd.

After the television series ended his "no compete clause" meant that he had to find something else to do, so he bought a new PC from Office Depot and set about learning all he could that was related to this new technology.

He began to develop Web Sites for local businesses and companies in Europe and Asia. It was during this time that he rediscovered hundreds of old photos that he had taken when he was stationed in Japan. He put those photos on a new site about Japan and it became an instant success.

He was written about in Newspaper Week in Japan in October 1999.

Abraham's site was also featured on a Miyagi Prefecture television program that was well received by many older Japanese who remember the days his photographs describe so well.

A recent story about him appeared in the Kahoku Shimpo on February 14, 2003 in regard to his donation of 400 plus photographs that he took of Sendai, Japan in the early 1950s.

A story about him recently appeared in the February 2003 issue of Country Living magazine.

He has written for the Dayton Daily News, the Brookville Star and for other newspapers and magazines.

He also wrote books about the American Buffalo herds and Indians and the official government policy to destroy the herds and cause those who depended on them to become destitute and starving nations.

His most recent books covered the period 1848 to 1999 and recorded everything known about Gordon, Ohio where he was born in 1934. He also wrote a book, "Kids from Gordon", finding all of those kids who ever went to the country school west of town.

He is an enthusiastic genealogist and is related to President Abraham Lincoln. He is the President's 3rd cousin, three times removed.

Abraham has been married to Patricia Ann [Custer] Lincoln (from Arcanum, Ohio) in 1955. They have five adult children who all graduated from Brookville High School. Patricia is General George Armstrong Custer's 4th cousin.



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