Monday, April 20, 2009

More information on the Arcanum sewer project

Upon a request, Arcanum Village Administrator Curt Garrison has provided information on the Arcanum sewer project discussed below. The current sewer work is being done to accomodate an Ohio EPA requirement to separate storm sewers and sanitary sewers. A public meeting was held earlier last month, and a February 23rd letter to Arcanum residents sets forth the details of the project:

Dear Village Resident,

I hope you have survived the winter and this letter finds you well. As we look forward to the change in weather we also look forward to many projects within the Village that will improve the infrastructure of our Village.

One project in particular, Phase 3 sewer separation will begin work soon. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to a public meeting on March 5, 2009. The public meeting will take place at the Village Fire Department at 7 p.m. This public meeting will allow you to meet the contractor who will be completing the project and ask questions of your Village Officials as it relates to the project.

The Phase 3 sewer separation project affects those sewer customers who reside north of Painter creek and along Alt. 49 East (east of the bridge). Our contractor’s current workload allows him to start the project as soon as March 9, 2009. Citizens may see as many as 3 different construction crews working in various parts of the town. The first crew will begin construction at our waste water treatment plant and work their way west into town as the second crew starts on Greenmoor Drive and works their way south, completing one street at a time. A third crew will begin installing sanitary sewer laterals approximately 2-3 weeks after the installation of the main line.

Phase 3 sewer separation involves two different construction phases. The first phase of construction will be the installation of a new sanitary sewer main line in streets north of Painter Creek as well as Alt 49 east (east of the bridge). The second phase of the project involves installing a new 4” PVC sanitary sewer lateral to homes that are adjacent to the new main lines being installed. Work on the customer’s property will include trenching of sanitary sewer lateral, installing PVC sanitary sewer lateral, and yard repair. NO work will need to be performed inside the customer’s home.

This project is being complete at NO additional cost to the customer. The sanitary sewer project as well as the alternate bid for street re-paving will cost the Village approximately $3,332,318.00. The Village has secured financing in the amount of 4.3 million through various grants and loans.

The Village and Contractor will notify customers on an individual basis as the construction process nears their property. Customers will be notified of the schedule as it relates to detours, limited drive access and lateral installation. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and working with you during this project.

Curt Garrison
Village Administrator
Village of Arcanum
You can also view a copy of the Village's powerpoint here (you will need a powerpoint reader to view this / for those who are unfamiliar with powerpoint, click the spacebar to continue - "esc" to exit).

Thanks to the Village for providing this information.

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