Sunday, July 12, 2009

Follow up on the stimulus projects

Several people have commented (on the website and by email) about the story below on the local stimulus road project. The main question is: how much are we paying for the "stimulus signs" that are posted at the project sites? The secondary question is: why are they needed? The answer to the second is easy (and you can figure it out for yourselves). The answer to the first is a matter of public record ... all you have to do is ask. Not only can any citizen acquire this (and similar) public information, it is your right to know. Always keep in mind ... they work for us. Below is a copy of the email forwarded to chief counsel for the Ohio Department of Transportation (later removed). We'll let you know of her response.


  1. Thanks I appreciate that.

  2. I bet the only stimulus application in our case is the cost of the sign !!!

  3. Idiots. Do you HONESTLY think anyone in the entire United States WANTS to waste money when we don't have any? Of course not. Nobody - literally NOBODY wants to just throw away money. If you want to witness tax dollars getting wasted, go to the Gneral Assembly and see how much your Governor and Lt. Governor spend on stupid crap. They use taxpayer money, and a LOT of it.

  4. So, the above is saying---wait a minute---the
    Governor and Lt. Governor are---wait for it----are--- are NOBODY ?

  5. No mystery. The signs are a requirement of the contractor who includes the cost in his bid which is paid with stimulus funds. This is nothing new and is required anytime designated federal funds are involved. There is a helluva lot of more wasted money in construction projects than just these signs, although admittedly they are non-essential.


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