Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vint's management is at it again

The gang at Vint's had a tax day tea party on April 15th (with a big customer turnout), and here they are again advocating some sort of revolution! The tax & spenders might be offended by this message, but do those people even eat fried chicken?

For whatever it's worth, Vint's boasts of the "best spaghetti in town" on the other side of the sign.


  1. I do not see a problem in the world with what they are doing or saying! It's about time someone got a stiff strong back and took a stand to try to turn this country back around to the great country it once was! I SAY MORE POWER TO THEM AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  2. I'm on Vint's side too ... and the chicken is GREAT

  3. Awesome - are they holding a community lynching as well? They probably have a "[edited out] only" bathroom and eating area. Hillbillies. I feel sorry for Darke County.

    By the way - most of the poor people who eat there most likely rely on public services. Guess what funds those services? TAX DOLLARS. I will never understand dirt poor conservatives (rich conservatives I get). I would initially say "Maybe these people just aren't properly educated" - but then I look at all the intelligent and successful people that I know from Darke. Co... however, they all got out of there ASAP and never looked back. Good for them.

  4. To the comment calling us Hillbillies...Try being informed instead of just opinionated. Being a Conservative is not all about politics, but preserving morals and values. And showing your Liberal side you have none. How disrespectful. Poor you...

  5. To the anonymous comment about hillbillies and n$%^&r bathrooms: It is liberal leftist mentally ill people like you that have turned our country into the horrible state that it is in. You have done us no favors by electing this incompetent highly liberal US destroying president of ours. Darke Co. is one of the better places that I know of. MOST of the people are upstanding citizens that care about their country, town, state, and county! If you don't like it so much, then why are you still here? There are many state routes that run through and out of the county...take one and do the rest of us a favor! Every time I have been in Vint's, they have been extremely nice...NO THEY DO NOT HAVE A BATHROOM OR EATING AREA DEDICATED TO BLACK FOLKS AND NO THEY ARE NOT HILLBILLIES AND NO THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES THAT EAT THERE! GROW UP AND QUITE BEING PREJUDICE AND RACIST!

    Proud Franklin-Monroe Graduate and employee of two Darke Co. Employers!

  6. Take back our country from whom?? Sadly, the answer is obvious-- from ourselves! We have met the enemy, and he is us.

  7. It is interesting that all this commotion has been created by one person’s opinion. As far as the "Hillbilly" comment I think the focus should be placed on this persons misunderstanding of "poor conservatives". I would probably be considered a poor conservative but because of initiative, hard work, and the free market I will soon be a rich conservative. I am on my way but without capitalism I would never have the opportunity to become rich on my own. I don’t need a hand out to get rich, my family and I will make our lives better on our own and we are teaching our children the value of hard work and sacrifice along the way. We appreciate the opportunity to do so and will turn down every hand out we get. Hand outs are different from hand ups. Don’t take from the rich, work hard for what you have and respect it.


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