Monday, July 13, 2009

A note on obituaries

Several questions have been forwarded regarding obituaries.

Obituaries are offered on this website by permission granted from: Storch Braund Funeral Home, Zechar Bailey Funeral Home, Oliver Floyd Funeral Home, and Kreitzer Funeral Home. Obituaries are currently limited to these funeral homes for two very simple reasons: 1) these funeral homes all have websites which allow obituaries to be easily copied and re-printed, and 2) because of their physical locations, these funeral homes primarily serve Darke County residents. Therefore - as a service to readers - most of the local obituaries get re-printed here through the four funeral homes. If anybody wants an obituary listed (and the funeral is not through one of the businesses listed), just submit the obituary to: and it will be added to the obituary page - and the index on this page.

Obituaries are typically updated on a daily basis.

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