Thursday, July 30, 2009

Linguistics lesson for the Darke County Commissioners

The word "corps" is pronounced (kôr), like the core of an apple. The "p" and the "s" are silent.

The word "corpse" is pronounced (kôrps), and you do pronounce the "p" and the "s."

"Corps" means a group of people, while "corpse" means a dead body ... so it's kind of important, especially to the people in the corps, not to mix up the two.


  1. Sounds like a story... Come on tell us who it was and what they said..

  2. I want to hear the story too...sounds funny!

  3. Same educated folks who say "Ill-i-noise" or for that matter "Ver-say-ulls".

  4. Not to mention Lie-ma, Rusch-e, and House-ton among others

  5. Yeah I never have understood why people in in Western Ohio have such a hard time with some normal city names, yet Cuyahoga, Wapakoneta, Bucyrus, and the like, which cause most non-Ohioans to pause for a moment to think it through are not a problem.

    Guess its all relative to how far you are willing to venture from the nest so to speak.

  6. "Illinoise" is a mispronunciation. To pronounce the names of local towns as "Vehr-Sye", "Lee-ma", "Rush-a", and "Huston" would be uneducated.

    What really grates on my ears is hearing "Ver-zales" or "An-zone-ya"


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