Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reminder: “Faith Into Action” Gathering - Wednesday

Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 7 PM, Greenville Football Stadium

The Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration invite you to join us for our community-wide expression of faith. For the safety and security of our community, please plan to attend this wonderful, inspirational gathering and bring your neighbors, church members, family, and friends!

The evening will begin with music, prayer and an update from members of the group – where we’ve been, where we are and where we want to go.


  1. Religionistas will not be satisfied until every last corner of public life is dominated by their syrupy Jesus babbling. Mr. Credibility, say goodbye to Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration.

  2. Amen! I knew this anti-environmental crap ("global warming is a hoax") was just a cover to churchify us all!

  3. Maybe the two respondents before this needs to get a life; or do they want this crap under their property. Global warming is a thing that Al Gore dreamed about to make millions off we (the taxpayers). July was the coldest since 1947, where is the global warming? Churchify the citizens of Darke County, I DON'T think so.

  4. I am the "Religionistas" commenter above.

    Several pertinent facts:

    1) When one uses a plural noun phrase functioning as the subject of a sentence, a plural verb is required. So in the first clause of the "2:58 PM" poster, the verb should be "need".
    2) What is this "life" you speak of, and where might one attain such a thing? As an inanimate object cursed to exist on the surface of this planet as a mere "thing", this "life" I keep hearing so much about sounds downright intriguing. Might you buy one at your Wal-Mart and bring it to me?
    3) I am opposed to CO2 sequestration as it currently stands, so don't confuse my opposition to the holy-roller takeover with my support of sequestration. We need more information about its inherent risks. If we find out that the benefits outweigh the risks and we are paid handsomely for allowing the powers that be to sequester their CO2, then maybe we should consider the experiment.
    4) You should work on your reading comprehension skills, as I never suggested that the Anti-CO2 folks didn't have a point. I said that their insistence on bringing their religious beliefs into the public sphere damages their credibility severely.
    5) The theory of global warming existed before Al Gore. If you're going to speak so authoritatively about something that people disagree over, you ought to come armed with facts and not silliness.
    6) I don't know whether global warming actually exists or not. I am not a scientist, nor am I equipped with the tools to test the theory myself. Someone who apparently is also not a scientist writing as if he had settled this problem once and for all is the definition of hubris. Here's a little tip for you: just because it's colder where you live doesn't mean the same holds true for other people situated around this great globe of ours. This is another example of magical thinking ruining any argument you might have had.
    7) Is not a religious/CO2 rally held at the football stadium an attempt to churchify? If it isn't, then what is it? Because it sure does reek of mixing religion into a sphere in which it does not belong: the public sphere.

  5. I don't think this meeting is to "churchify" anyone. What I do think is this is a mockery of Jesus and the Christian community of this county. I believe this is another way to get another sector of people in this county involved to stop CO2. I mean no disrespect to the citizens against co2, they have done great work getting this thing about stopped, but to me it crosses the line to use the Lord's name and others faith in him to keep their movement going.

  6. I would be careful bringing religion into a scientific discussion, as you will end up looking like Garvan Ellison, those of you who are not familiar with his, ummm... 'work'... Ought to take a few minutes and do a Google search on him, take time to read around, including his "12 myths of modern science" You may think its sarcastic, but if you continue to read you will realize he honestly believes these things...

  7. What are you going to do about non-christians at this gathering? Or are they banned ?

  8. Wow... I think a nerve has been hit. I don't remember anything about 'churchify' or anything else concerning Wednesday night's meeting. It was a Faith Into Action event. Lots of people have faith that don't go to church. From what I have read the event was an outreach to the faith community. Who says that faith and credibility can't exist together? I don't believe this is about global warming, Garvan Ellison, grammar or scientist. I don't feel it is a 'mockery' for people of faith to express their views about CO2 or ask their God for wisdom and guidance to fight their good fight. No one was left out, turned away or asked for the Jesus allegiance card at the door. I was greeted with a warm 'Glad you are here' at the door, I heard a couple of nice songs, listened to some great information, gained action steps to take for the future and prayed a silent prayer for our community.

    The unfortunate side of this story is we are not honoring each other's different ways of agreeing on the same issue. 98% of Darke County doesn't want this experiment in our back yard or anyone else's. I respect the fact that most of the 98% may not have 'faith', but I am ready to stand beside them and fight for our community. No one has said to you that by not coming... you are trying to 'unchurchify' our community. Maybe it would benefit us to focus on what we have in common with each other and not what our small differences may be.

    I am not an English professor, scientist, or claim to be a scholar. I am a simple person with simple ideas. For those I've offended, please excuse my grammar.


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