Monday, August 17, 2009

From the Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration ...

THANK YOU - BTO Self-Serve Yogurt

Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration would like to thank BTO Self Serve Yogurt for hosting a fundraiser for the Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration on Wednesday evening, August 12, after their "Faith into Action" rally in the high school stadium. Not only did BTO Self Serve Yogurt donate $100 to the cause, they stayed open late to accommodate the ABC Australia film crew who made a special trip to Greenville to interview members of the grassroots movement. The Australian film crew had intended to be at the Faith into Action rally but missed a connecting flight and did not arrive until 11 pm. Thank you BTO Yogurt for going the extra mile. Donations to CACO2S are used for educational literature and printed materials for community outreach and advocacy.


The Citizens Against CO2 Sequestration would also like to thank the anonymous donor, who paid for a one-fourth page colored ad in The Early Bird to promote their Faith Into Action rally. The ad was a pleasant surprise, which the group very much appreciated.

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